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A Little Haiku for a Saturday morning

I was kicking around Twitter a couple days ago (yes, I’m finally there! @ArcherKayLeah) and found this tweet about a M/M romance haiku contest hosted by fiction author, Kim Fielding. I thought, “Hey, that’s pretty rockin’!” and checked out more about it from her blog.

Now, I haven’t written haiku since high school. It was during my OAC/Grade 13 Creative Writer’s class. We had to write a small collection of haiku and submit them. They were fun and interesting; a way to clear the creative mind with small bits of concept between short stories.

So, when I came across Kim’s competition, I wondered if I could go there again. I love M/M stories. I love when men aren’t afraid of letting loose and enjoying themselves with another man, especially when there’s a romantic connection and not just sex (although, that’s a lot of fun, too).  Yet I was hesitant, given the “June 23 at noon PDT” cut off and a bit of stinted creativity in the last few days.

Well. That got fixed. The secret?

A warm shower.

Yes, behold! The brain power of a hot shower. I’ve read somewhere that someone had a scientific reason for why showers are great for thinking. Something about stimulating the skin, sending nerve signals … wish I had a copy of the article. At any rate, I believe it. The body’s a wonderful, surprising thing, and so are the senses.

It’s at times like this that I’m thankful for my AquaNotes.  When anyone sees my shower, they find it a little silly that I have a pad of paper and a pencil hanging on the shower wall. But they’re a brilliant product. Paper gets wet? No problem. It’s resistant. Though the pencil may smudge, that’s okay. All I know is I can catch whatever ideas float through and that’s what really matters. I get some of my best, most insightful ideas from the shower.

Where’s this leading? To not one, not two, but three haiku.

Skin and brain, I love you.

And so I’m happy to present on this fine Saturday morning in June the haiku I’ve entered into Kim Fielding’s contest!


Tongue, lips, to the tip
Shudder, stifled moan, Ben cries
Release just for Luke

Yearning in safe hands
Taut, knowing the man inside
finds the man within

Three men; entwined hearts
Fulfill need, give into love
Forget the taboo


Interested in seeing more? Check out the #kfieldinghaiku hashtag on Twitter and her blog. Remember, contest finishes Monday, June 23!


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