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Love Poem: vs the Beast

vs the Beast

Gone is the green monster,
teeth and talons
larger than life,
jaded and desperate to have you
to its fearsome self,
leaving an open space
begging to be filled
with shameless love
from both of you,
knowing now
that our mortal hearts
can share
the divine
gifts of time and place
with more than just one
if the lover
is honest
and willing to discard
the shield

A poem about being open to loving more than one person intimately without jealousy getting in the way. While jealousy is a natural instinct, it can certainly get in the way of other natural desires and needs.

I originally wrote a shorter poem based on the #HeartSoup poetry prompt #128 (called “Gone”), which I posted on my Twitter account because I love the challenge and the mental (plus artistic) exercise. That, and the prompt grabbed me pretty quickly so I had to do something before it nagged me all day.

But it didn’t feel completely finished. So yesterday, I went back and filled it out to realize my original concept. The ending surprised me, coming out from nowhere, but I kept it considering the beginning line and the title I was dying to give it. Now it feels like a complete package.

Happy Tuesday!


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