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and So Shall 2015 Work.

It’s a pretty cold Monday night, and I’m hanging out author-style, fiddling around in my corner of the blogosphere in my PJs while Peter Jackson’s “The Fellowship of the Ring” is playing in the background (AHHHH! Attack of the really ugly dead guys!). It seemed like the natural thing to do after finally getting to see the last Hobbit movie (and really, I have to say… ALFRID?! I would’ve killed him after the first scene, that twit).

But getting real for a second… it’s 2015 and my “To Do” list is starting to swim funny under the weight of the words. This week, I started to pull details together for a lovely 2015 Marketing Plan and an only slightly organized Blog Plan. Yes, it’s time to amp up the game, explore some new things, and hopefully be around more!

I won’t label this a resolution, though; it’s just a plan. With one work being published soon and the work on another I equally hope will go somewhere, it’s time to get the sizable fire lit and make this year into something truly productive.

In the coming weeks and months, I’m hoping to share some new things. Go along a couple different paths. In the works: info about a new release or two from fellow authors; updates on what I’ve been working on; possibly some flash fic; most likely some poetry; and maybe even interviews, if a couple of authors don’t mind being questioned a smidgen!

So here I go. Catch you on the other side of this strike of midnight!

– Archer


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