A Question of Counsel Book Blitz + Character Interview with Aeley & Lira


Today’s the last book blitz before A Question of Counsel is released!

This blitz is hosted by Xpresso Book Tours (with the help of the fantastic Giselle) and a few dozen bloggers.

Below is the list of participating blogs — some of which are hosting a giveaway for one $5 Amazon gift card per blog (meaning you can put your name into multiple giveaways). Thank you to each and every blogger helping to make this promo event happen. ♥♥♥


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Character Interview with Aeley & Lira

And for something completely different and a little fun… an interview with the heroines of AQoC. Warning: they’re both feeling a bit cheeky.


Q: Tell us a little about yourself. What should we know about you?
Aeley: I’m Aeley Dahe, Tract Steward of Gailarin in the Republic of Kattal. I was raised by my father, the late Korre Dahe, the Tract Steward before me. Much of my life has been spent training with our soldiers and helping my father run the region. But before we get underway with more questions, I want to make it clear: we’re not going to talk about my brother, Allon. Let’s keep it friendly.

Lira: I’m Lira Derossa, Aeley’s scribe and almost-wife. I suppose you could say I’m rather opinionated. Mostly I tend to say things I really shouldn’t. And I bite… hard. Also, if you’re taking requests, let’s avoid talking about my brothers, Emon and Ryler.

Q: First impression of each other?
Aeley: Beautiful and really, really quiet. Intriguing in a good way.
Lira: Tough and willing to stand up for what she believes in, even if it means confrontation. Korre absolutely adored her. Now I know why.

Q: Describe each other in 3 words.
Aeley: Beautiful, bold, unselfish.
Lira: Dutiful, protective, liberating.

Q: Favorite weapon of choice?
Aeley: Anything that can nick, stab, draw blood.
Lira: Words. And Aeley, especially after she’s come from seeing our brothers. Considering what she did to the guard–
Aeley: And the question is answered. I don’t want to think about it anymore–although he deserved it. Ah, stop making me remember! Thanks, Lira.
Lira: Always.

Q: What do you think of the author? And be honest!
Aeley: *snort*
Lira: That’s not an answer.
Aeley: Sure it is. Just look at what ended up on the page. Honestly. I really don’t drink that much, and Mayr’s not half as Goddess-blessed as he seems. I can tell you stories about how he–
Lira: I’d say the author represented our story fairly. Though I could’ve done without sharing our most intimate moments.
Aeley: Really? I loved that most.
Lira: You would.
Aeley: Absolutely. Although I’d like to thank the author for not being as cruel to us as she is to others. I still have full movement of my extremities. I think we may have been lucky.
Lira: Speak for yourself. Now everyone thinks I can’t use even a simple dining knife.

Q: Seriously, Lira, what really happened when you tried using a sword?
Aeley: *laughs so hard, she falls out of her chair*
Lira: It’s not that funny. I’m sorry. Please ignore her. Just… New question, please.

Q: Ever find out who stashed the booze?
Aeley: No!
Lira: Though it reappeared. Perhaps a little mysteriously, but really…
Aeley: There’s only one answer: Mayr. I should toss him from the Guard faster than I can unlace your bodice.

Q: How do you see your future?
Lira: Better than the past. I wouldn’t trade this for anything I left behind, even on the bad days.
Aeley: Good to know – I don’t plan on giving you up, Lira. Not ever.



 Book Launch Party!

The online Release Party for AQoC on May 27 & 28th! Join me, bring some friends, and let’s have some fun. ^_^

Grand prize is a $40 Amazon gift card and this gorgeous Love Struck necklace from Wildflower and Company:

Love Struck Pendant - heart + arrow charm necklace

The 2nd and 3rd runners up get free eBooks of their choice, and there are other prizes to be won!


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  1. Loved your blog! Thanks for the chance to enter all the amazing giveaways and join the party!!!!!


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