Angst, Romance, and Story (Guest Blogger Shauna Aura Knight)

Yup. This is totally me. Love the angst, tortured heroes, and romance. Balance is key!


White's Wyrd World

Bio2Ok, I admit it; I’m addicted to angst. I love watching movies with some great tragedy in them, TV shows where I’m bawling my eyes out. Yeah—I cry when the president’s wife dies in Independence Day. My favorite Anne McCaffrey book is Moreta. I used to spend my Sunday nights watching a double-header of ER because, in the span of two episodes, someone was guaranteed to die or face a major life catastrophe. Actually—I like catastrophe movies too. Deep Impact, Day After Tomorrow, 2012.

Yeah, I’m an #angstmuffin. Yet, I also write (and read) paranormal romance, and the romance genre requires a Happily Ever After.

You might be thinking, what gives, right?

Often, I’m looking to watch (or read) something that is more intense, more full of the tension of impending doom. With the battle they can’t possibly win. With the beloved character who dies to save them all. Kira…

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2 comments on “Angst, Romance, and Story (Guest Blogger Shauna Aura Knight)

  1. Glad you enjoyed it! 🙂


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