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Dystopian Romance, Anyone? “For the Clan” Has A Home!

So here’s the fun and exciting news: For the Clan has been signed!

It’s all official and stuff, in that oh-my-god-squee-squee-SQUEE! kind of way. I’m also incredibly thrilled to announce it’s been picked up by Less Than Three Press. This is going to be awesome. ^_^

I’ve talked a bit about the project before and the insane trip it took on the way to the first draft. By the end of the mind-melting, eye-stabbing edits, its odd personality hadn’t changed. It’s speculative fiction and romance to the core. And I’m a *bit* mean. Just a little. The prologue was written last for a reason.

And we’re not even going to talk about my Google searches for this one. Or the files I’ve shelved as “Resources”. Sort of expecting CSIS to show up on my doorstep. Or Sue Johanson.

But if you enjoy poly relationships, particularly M/M/F, this one will be up your alley. If you appreciate sarcasm, there’s plenty of that, too. Then there’s the military vs civilian theme and the issue of government. Second chances and a fight for freedom. It’s a dystopian salad wrapped up in smooches and (s)mashed potatoes.

I’ll have more to share in a few months, but for right now… Boo. Yeah.




One comment on “Dystopian Romance, Anyone? “For the Clan” Has A Home!

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