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“Curse of the Heroines” – Cover Reveal/Release Party! [Sat, Sept 5]

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Here’s another new release for your shopping cart and it’s PARTY TIME! The Curse of the Heroines anthology, presented by the Fantasy Writers group on Facebook, is coming out in a couple days. I’m a member of the group and they’ve been such a super helpful bunch on my writing path! (Really… I couldn’t have gotten this far without their help).


So here we are…the cover reveal & release party ONLINE at Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/434596963416429/


Saturday, September 5th kicks off the Curse of the Heroines, an anthology of women behaving badly. They go against the norm in their societies through their actions. On their very different journeys, each heroine decides whether to be good or evil. Which side will you choose?
Presenting stories by:

Angel Blackwood — Kingmaker
Chadden Magdalena Basnik — Deliver Them From Evil
Gina A. Watson — Four Dragons of the Apocalypse
Joann M. Shevock — Aradace of the Surr-Nakki
John Ryers — The Bridgemaster’s Daughter
Jordanne Fuller — Trapped
Kyle Della-Rocco — Saving Grace
Maeve laFey — Last of the Dragons
Tom Atwood — Rey of Light


Join us Saturday as this new antho kicks off! Because HEROINES ARE COOL. Bad? Good? They’re all winners of their own stories.


And psssst…. I’m hosting at 4pm EST on Saturday, Sept 5. One word: PRIZES! I’ll be giving away FREE copies of stuff, anthologies in which I’ve had short stories as my alter ego and a copy of my F/F fantasy romance novel (there’s not just one heroine, but TWO!), so come on by. Say hello. Stay awhile! 😀

Here’s the link to the party again: https://www.facebook.com/events/434596963416429/



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