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Holy S*%t!: The Cry of Someone Who Just Realized It’s Autumn In 2 Days (AKA: Updates)

So yeah, okay, funny thing: I lost track of time again. It was June and now it’s not. Feels a bit like a time warp. At least this time, I have a hazy recollection know where the summer months went.

On the social side, my brother’s wedding claimed top spot. Did the wedding shower thing. Had a blast at the bachelor/ette laser tag party and played at being the worse possible sniper ever (err, maybe not “played” at it… I can’t snipe worth a damn. Managed to shoot my brother AND my wife a couple times, though, so I’ll count it as a win). I even made it down the wedding aisle without landing on my face… though it was a bit tricky there at the end. Bit of a slip, I won’t lie. And I think it’s on video. *face palm*

And then there’s the business side. That nitty, gritty word-putting-together thing. A couple things went down there, divided by the line so nicely provided by the wedding. And this is where the fun really is.


I penned the short novella, Heart, Lace & Soul, as a submission for LT3’s Enchanted Soles anthology. It’s more of urban fantasy but there seems to be some science fiction and a touch of fairytale to it. I have no idea why, other than to blame the fact I was thinking frog-and-princess and watching Star Trek (BOTH Voyager and TNG). Or it might’ve been something else entirely. I’m pretty sure there was a logical track there somewhere. Oh, and a Madonna music video. “Ghosttown”, specifically, because of the aesthetics… No, seriously.

Regardless of its creative origins, it turned out, surprising me in the process. Magic boots, neural technology, and a paper frog. Empaths, holotechs, and romance. It’s a bit on the sweeter side of things, too, just because.


… and After
Four. That’s all I’ve been working on for the last month; every day, for the most part, minus a couple weekends. I finally got tired of Mayr poking me to get it done. So now it’s well over halfway, taking a small break at Chapter 7 for me to get over this I-feel-like-ick thing. Although 7 of 10 isn’t a bad thing. (… and it dawns on me that if the epilogue didn’t count as a chapter, that would’ve read as 7 of 9… oh god, someone stop me before this gets too geeky. FFS)

Now back to Four. It’s getting LONG. Longer than I anticipated. And some interesting things are emerging as the characters run with their personal histories.  Although I still want to clock one of the supporting characters from the first half. She’s not one of the best people in the story, but I’m hoping readers will feel the same considering she’s not supposed to be incredibly likable. She is, however, a literary device so… yeah.

But things between Mayr and Tash are coming along, despite being smack dab in the middle of Tash’s spiritual trials, which are incredibly trying for both of them. Aeley and Lira make an appearance. Councilman Severn makes another appearance (I swear, at this rate, she’ll be in every installment of The Republic series). I’m also debuting a couple of characters from a future installment I started a couple years ago: Rathen and Kirra. They’re bounty hunters and, while they have the occasional night together, they’re more best friends and coworkers than anything. Rathen’s story will be told in Hunter with love interest Councilman Nerrik, though it’ll be a little while before that project gets finished.


Now for the Smooth Segue To What’s Coming Next
Once Four‘s written, edited, and submitted, it’ll be onwards to some non-romantic projects that need my attention. Although there will be a few romances kicking around, which I’ll finish outlining and prepare to write.

The third and fourth books of The Republic series are on that list. #4 will be Hunter, but #3’s a bit elusive right now. It’s coming together in small bits over time, though it’s still untitled. It will feature an asexual MC, that much I know, and he seems to be related to both Tash and Rathen — or so the epiphany was this week. More to come on that.

I’m also slowly making plans for a different series, which feels a bit more sci fi/space fantasy, coming off of inspiration from Sherrilyn Kenyon’s The League series. The sort-of unnamed series will be dark and more angsty. And maybe a bit weird. Maybe.


When I Read, I Binge Read
Finally, a bit on the reads I’ve attacked recently in between writing sessions. I’m going to do a whole post on my summer reads, but for a couple moments, I’m just going to obsess over touch on T.T. Kove‘s books. I’ve been binging out on them for the last week or so. I’ve had several of her eBooks for a few months but hadn’t ventured into reading them (which is normal for me; I’m a “buy now, read WAY later” kind of person).

One night, I was taking a break and things just clicked. I perused my LT3 library, landed on hers, and off I went, reading More Than Words. Then I couldn’t STOP. It turned into another, then another, and you can see where this is going. I’ve read the books from her Scarred Souls and More Than Anything series multiple times now, in a span of several days. I even read the books from the out-of-print series, Their Circumstances, which is the basis for the Scarred Souls series (a grand rewrite, which I think is FABULOUS. The first-person POV is really working and the changes she’s made are going SO well).

So here’s a list of what I read in a span of about a week (available books only). These are all M/M, though the last isn’t really a romance. I’d also caution “trigger warning”. They’re not really happy-go-lucky-and-rainbow-jumping-unicorns… which is probably why I’m crushing on them.

More Than Anything
More Than Words
No Right Words

Scarred Souls
Inked Souls
A Shattered Soul


And that’s it for this update. Next week or so, I’ll be sharing a longer list of what I’ve read this summer. Until then. ^_^




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