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Summer Reading Round Up

For something a little different, I thought I’d share the list of romance books I’ve read these past few months.

Note: most of these were devoured in a binge fashion, just because that’s how it usually ends up. If I start a series and get into it, I won’t stop reading until I finish the series. Then I suffer from book hangover for DAYS. And if I really dig the books, I’ll immediately re-read them, sometimes right after I’ve read it once. Sometimes it’s just so hard to stop, and then I obsess over the characters, and then I don’t want to work, and then… yeah. >.<

So here’s the list. I don’t have reviews for them right now since I’m SO behind on those. I’m terrible with reviews. I get caught up in the reading side of things. But I’m working on it.


Sherrilyn Kenyon: The League series
Born of Night
Born of Fire
Born of Shadows
Born of Silence
Cloak & Silence
Born of Fury

Definitely one of my favourite series, despite a few issues I have with it. Then again, drool-worthy, badass assassins… it’s a thing for me. My ultimate OMG-I-can’t-even, I-can’t-stop-reading-or-thinking installments are Born of Night (Nykyrian’s story) and Born of Silence (Darling’s story).  My heart bleeds for them both. And Darling makes me cry. So bad. Unfortunately, Cloak & Silence is at the bottom of my love list, which is really depressing. :S


A. F. Henley
Forty-Two Stairs
The Chase and the Catch

Hands down, I absolutely loved Forty-Two Stairs and Inflori, so much that I’m getting them as paperbacks because the eBooks just aren’t enough. I must be able to HOLD them! Flip them. Pull them out and travel with them. Love, love, love.


T.T. Kove
More Than Anything series (*trigger warning*)

More Than Anything
More Than Words

No Right Words

Scarred Souls series (*trigger warning*)
Scarred Souls
Inked Souls
A Shattered Soul

My big new literary crush. I read these in a week (plus Kove’s Their Circumstances series, which are out-of-print). They’re M/M romances, with angst and terrible circumstances. I have such feels for them. Really sad that there aren’t more to the series yet. But I want them nowwwwwwww. *weeps*


RayeAnn Carter – Be My Queen
A sweet romance and enjoyable break for a long night. A reminder of the hope that everyone can find love. 🙂


Cecil Wilde – Defying Convention
This one’s good reading for Con season. A cute story between friends as they become much more than friends. Bonus points for Farscape references and Aeryn Sun. I ❤  Claudia Black. And yes, lessons to learn: NEVER title a sci fi show with a single F word. They’ll just get cancelled. :S


A.V. Sanders – Percolation, Poetry, and Passion
Not very long but interesting, featuring a May-December M/M romance and a helping of New Orleans.


Jaidon Wells – Dandy
A strange, funny M/M story. For me, it’s a mix of Joseph Heller’s Catch 22 (the feel in terms of crazy characters and scenarios) + Charmed (the TV show) + what happens if angels and demons crossbred with the likes of Superman or Thor…


Francis Gideon – Sext Based Adventures
A little bit o’ naughty between gamers. 😉


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