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The Awesomesauce That is Queer Romance Month. CHECK. IT. OUT!

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Guess what? It’s a THING. An important thing. A special thing. Something I didn’t realize was a thing until I saw a thing about the thing. So now I’m thinging along with it.


Welcome to Queer Romance Month (QRM), an annual event that runs throughout October to celebrate queer romance fiction. There are new 3 to 4 blog posts EVERY DAY (read: 31 days of AWESOME!) and they cover anything and everything having to do with queer romance fiction. It’s a diverse group covering an impressive range of topics that relate to this year’s theme, We All Need Stories, and the overall theme, Love is Love. Sometimes the posts are humourous, creative (there’s some flash fiction involved), or spunky. Sometimes they’re serious, inspiring, make-you-really-think, heart-warming, or WTF-I’m-crying-here. (I’ve encountered a couple of those to the point where I really wish I could just give a big hug to the authors… you are heard, authors!)

You can read more about QRM here on their site, http://www.queerromancemonth.com/about/, though just to highlight a couple notes that I find particularly important (and what caught my attention straight off):

“We believe that love is love, and nobody should be relegated to a sidebar or a subgenre. Queer romance is romance. We welcome anyone who believes in love, irrespective of gender or orientation. Allies, supporters and the curious are all part of QRM.”

Because love doesn’t assign itself to genres. It just is.


And I Just HAD to Join In 🙂

I totally wrote something for QRM 2015.QRM Author badge 2015-halfsize

I didn’t know anything about last year’s last year, but once I found out about it this year, I was SO all over it. The kind folks at QRM let me snag a spot, so I wrote a post. Then I scrapped it the day before I was going to submit and wrote a new one… because that’s just writing rolls sometimes.

So welcome to “Surprise! Inspiration, Liberation, and Not-So-Secret Missions“, a piece about how I tumbled into writing queer romance and the many bisexual characters I’m tending to write completely NOT on purpose. It’s a look into my past, what’s kicking in the present, and revelation about the things to come. And what the heck, I’m celebrating being bi because it’s awesome.

Oh, and by the way…



Giveaway #1 – from me: I’m giving away an eBook copy of A Question of Counsel to one lucky winner selected at random from the comments posted on my post. I’ll be picking the winner in November.

Giveaway #2 – from other authors: check out the other posts to see their giveaways! Lots of good stuff to win.

Giveaway #3 – the BIG ONE: There’s a massive QRM digital book giveaway on Rafflecopter! Click here to enter. FREE. STUFF.


So go on, head over to the QRM site and check out all of the amazing articles!



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