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Vitality Magazine 2015 LGBT Sampler! “A Taste of the Rainbow”

Earlier this month, Vitality Magazine released their 2015 LGBT Sampler! The sampler includes an excerpt from my novella, A Question of Counsel, plus excerpts, reviews, other info about more than a dozen other projects.

What’s also awesome about this project: the authors identify as members of the LGBTQA community.

Head over here to download your free copy!


A Taste of the Rainbowsampler-cover-5-169x300

“Our FREE 2015 LGBT Sampler contains excerpts and info on sixteen projects created by members of the LGBT community, including the cover reveal for the ace art book What You See!”


The projects featured are:

Kathryn Burns – Elsewhere (contemporary novel)
Queer Trans Collective – CollectQT
M.E. Vaughn – Sons of Thestian (fantasy novel)
Devon E. Lail – Fear of Thunder (suspense/thriller novel)
Wings of Renwal (solarpunk dragon anthology)
Perchance to Dream (retold Shakespeare anthology)
Archer Kay Leah – A Question of Counsel (fantasy romance novel)
Claudie Arsenault – Visual Airwaves (science fiction novel)
Kathryn Burns – Aces (contemporary novel)
Tiffany Rose & Alex Tauber – Bone Diggers (science fiction novel)
KaseyVlog (YouTube channel)
Q (social networking app)
Valerie Mores – Open Waters (pirate romance novel)
Caffeinated Zombie – Soulboud (fantasy webcomic)
Diana Florence – Sad Girl (mixed media art project)
Christina Ann-Marie DiEdoardo – Pizza, Mermaids, and Girldick (book of poetry)
Creative Aces – What You See (ace art book)



For more about Vitality Magazine, visit their website. Here’s a little about them:

“Vitality is a literary magazine publishing exciting, entertaining fiction featuring LGBTQ+ protagonists. What we hear people asking for, most often, is more stories featuring queer people – and not just serious, often difficult-to-read “issue” work dealing with the hard stresses of real life, but fun stories that happen to be about queer characters, and portray queerness in a positive way.

In answer to this need, Vitality seeks to be an escape for the reader. A safe place full of wonder and awesome where the reader can see characters like themselves doing things like battling dragons, solving crimes, acting in a circus, or traveling the world. All genres and styles can be found in Vitality. The only limit is your imagination.”



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