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♥ “Heart, Lace, and Soul” ♥ Coming in 2016 in the “Enchanted Soles” Anthology!

*bouncing on my non-magical shoes* It’s being published, it’s being published!  H-L-S, rah, rah, rah!

All right, simmering down now. At least I’ve stopped dancing around on the sidewalk and looking like a complete idiot over this… mostly. But hey, the joy isn’t dead; it’s just waiting for the antho to come out. Yes, my story made it into the Enchanted Soles anthology, hosted by the rather awesome Sasha L. Miller & Less Than Three Press. Not bad for a story I had to cram into a crazy summer of wedding shenanigans and other things that threw themselves at our household. It was scary timing there for a while, but hey, it’s IN!

So what does this mean? Next year, expect an uberously fantastico anthology featuring romantic stories that feature not only magic footwear, but bisexual characters. Double the fun. BAM.

More to come on that when we get closer to its release.


About Heart, Lace, and Soul

No one can hide their true feelings from Emotional Health Worker, Elly Satuura. With her magic boots, she knows everyone’s emotions even before they do. Everyone except the sweet and mysterious Vadrick Wallis, a hologram technician by day and old-fashioned artist in his off-time. He renders Elly’s empathic abilities useless as if he doesn’t exist.

During Elly’s battle with declining physical health and a failed marriage, Vadrick walks into her life as a white knight, saving her with a phone and a paper frog. He’s like a fairytale prince, giving her another chance at life. But when the dark cracks in her Vadrick emotional veneer are thrown into the light, the shoe is on the other foot and it’s up to Elly to save her prince in distress.

The story is fantasy blended with science fiction. Here, magic boots meets neural implants. Paper and ink meet three dimensional technology. Just a little bit of this and that, really. It didn’t want to be just one thing. So I let it.



Since I LOVE sharing, here’s a taste of what’s to come, taken from the manuscript BEFORE it goes through the official editing process. Stuff might change.

“Guess I won that round, then.” Vadrick readjusted his seat. “What are you doing tonight? And yes, I’m serious.”

“I’d say nothing, but I’m guessing that’s wrong.” Elly watched Vadrick’s lips twitch. “Does it end in the word ‘dinner’?”

“If you want. I’m off in a few hours. I could pick you up?” He held up his hands. “Nothing funny. You can say no if–”

“Yes.” Elly took a deep breath, ignoring the voice in her mind telling her to stop. “I’ll have dinner with you.”

Vadrick’s shoulders relaxed. “Really? Great. I’ll call beforehand. Give you a few minutes warning.”

A date. An actual date. With a man as mysterious as a gift inside a stuffed pouch, inside a box, wrapped in layers of thick cloth, and tied with a bright green ribbon.

Of all the things she needed to worry about, why was her wardrobe the only thing she could think of?

“I’ll give you my number–”

“Got it.” Vadrick pointed at her purse. “I peeked at the number. I’d apologize, but I’m not feeling particularly sorry about it.” He pressed a button on the steering console. The transport’s engine rumbled gently. “Kind of like I’m not sorry making these guys wait for me while I take you wherever you need to be.”

Before Elly could protest, Vadrick turned the transport around. He stopped to stare at her. “Unless you don’t want me to?”

“No, it’s fine. You don’t have to, though.”

“And let you to waste money on the hireds? Don’t think so. Besides, I need to find out where I’m going tonight. Would hate to get lost. I hear it’s bad decorum for the second date.”

“And we wouldn’t want that.”

“No, especially since I’ll be petitioning for a third.”

“And I think that’s your confidence talking.”

“Not confidence,” Vadrick corrected softly, “just hope. I try to start and end every day with hope. When it’s all you have, it becomes everything.”

Elly’s gut tightened. Even without her boots, she recognized the sadness in his gaze. Looking harder, she caught the hint of defeat. She thought she felt his pain.

Except it wasn’t his, it was hers. In him, she saw herself.

What had she gotten herself into?




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