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Series Updates: What’s In the Works for The Republic

Right off the bat, the exciting news: the first draft of Four has been finished and is in super-fine-tuning edit mode (aka. “shoot me now or at least get a bucket of water because my eyes are burning, I want to stab my head because everything’s blurry and I can’t think anything but words, words, words, and I’m calling cordon bleu ‘grilled cheese’” — true story). I’m hoping to submit this manuscript to my publisher really soon and hopefully it’ll get picked up. All I can really say is that I’m SO happy with it. There are moments when I’ve been reading through that I can’t help but awwwwww because these two guys can be really annoyingly sweet. And their families are hilarious. Well, in my head they are. More of the joys of siblings — but in a good way.

Here’s to hoping they charm others as much as they have me.


So Where’s This Going?

Since I’ve had my brain buried in Four and The Republic series as a whole for the last few months, I thought I’d share a bit of what’s driving me insane happening; an idea of where things are going for anyone who wants to follow along with the series as it unfolds. While I’ve been writing, I’ve had A LOT of series-related things going through my head. And not just for this series, either. There are two others that are in the idea-development process. I’ll get to those in a different post once I wrap my head around them a bit more.

But back to The Republic series. There’s an over-arching story line I’m working on. Something a bit dark and possibly grimy. Something that suggests I’ve been paying a little too much attention to all the talk about certain TV shows (ones I’ve never watched and will 99.999% chance never watch). The books will still remain based in the romance and fantasy genres… they’ll just be fantasy romance plus. Originally, I hadn’t planned an overall story line, allowing each installment to be their own entity, but I’ve been inspired. Not to mention I’ve been seeing a pattern creeping in with the potential to tie everything — and all of the characters — together.

Basically, I’ll put it like this: characters readers think are gone might not stay gone.

Several new main characters will roll in, some of who are related to each other; some who are completely new. They’ll find themselves in dark places, tough circumstances, and love. The relationships and all of the MCs will identify as part of the LGBTQA spectrum. From the get-go, I’ve wanted TR to be a mixed bag. I like when things change up; I enjoy variety. Although there will be quite a few bisexual characters — that’s just how they’ve turned out. Instead of forcing them out of that identity to even things, I’m letting it run the organic course and keeping the characters exactly as imagined.

The series will also remained focused on characters in different occupations and social classes. That was the second theme I envisioned for TR from the beginning, and it’s going pretty well. There will be glimpses into the world of the High Council, a little more of the Grand Families, and then visits into the middle/lower classes. I’m jazzed about the bounty hunters coming in. They’re a fun couple and their romantic matches… there’s going to be some, um, “moments”. Real special ones. (Take that wherever you’d like.)

There are also a couple surprises, though I can’t reveal those without spoilers. I’ll just sing my praises to the joys and openness of the fantasy genre and leave it there, because with fantasy, ANYTHING is possible! 😉


The Book List!

There will be about eight stories/books in the series, and they will be connected by recurring characters. Each story will stand on its own so they can be read independently, but there will be certain things that carry over from one book to another. Small details, conversations, running gags, revelations — that sort of stuff.

Here’s the projected order. The first two installments are available for purchase:


#1 – Rule Breaker (Gren + Tracel) ~~ Pansexual (Bisexual)/Trans

#2 – A Question of Counsel (Aeley + Lira) ~~ Lesbian/Lesbian

#3 – Four (Mayr + Tash) ~~ Bisexual/Bisexual (M/M)

#4 – Blood Borne (Ress + Adren) ~~ Asexual and Gray-romantic/Non-binary (Genderqueer)

#5 – Hunter (Rathen + Nerrik) ~~ Bisexual/Bisexual (M/M)

#6 – Light From Shadow (Severn + Kirra) ~~ Lesbian/Pansexual (F/F)

#7 – Touch Unleashed (Tarys + Kessan + Gorgan) ~~ Gay/Trans/Gay (M/M/M)

#8 – Mortal Coils (Gren + Tracel)


So there’s the line-up, and I’m working on punching them out within the next couple years. The last installment comes as a bit of a surprise, but I’m excited about it. There’s something fun about things coming full circle! Though it’ll get a little crazy in that special way that fantasy can. At least that’s how it looks from the story notes I’ve been scribbling. But that’s all I can say right now… spoilers. ^_^



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