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Rocking 2016, Literary Style: Part 1 – On the Publication Roster

It’s another year. Just snuck up and pounced on us. I still remember this time last year, which is a big thing since I don’t tend to remember much in the way of the long-term. But 2016’s here in all its leap year glory. And if there’s one thing that this year won’t be, it’s boring. Plenty to do around here, including a few blog tours, release parties, some other events, and oh, look, MORE WRITING. (Sound the horns. And run. There be dragons somewhere round here.)

I don’t bother with New Year’s resolutions, so to start this year off right, I’ve compiled this post (and its second half to come in about 2 weeks) with what I’m expecting to happen this year, as much as I know at the moment. I’m also taking the time to share a few promo posters I whipped up a couple weeks ago.

As usual, updates will be posted as the year continues, so definitely check back. Or sign up for my newsletter. I use it sometimes.

And without further ado… the 2016 roster, incoming with a bang, and a boom, and maybe just a hint of wiggle.


Releases On the Way!

For the Clan

FTC Coming in 2016 poster


My first go at dystopian (and dystopian-fantasy romance) is almost here. FTC has been through a couple rounds with the editor and is working through the rest of the publication process. I can’t WAIT to see how the cover will turn out — right now, it’s a complete surprise, all up to the cover artist and publisher. Once it comes around, I’ll be able to show it off! Then it’s off the the galley stage and, finally, preorder and publication.  Still, it’s SO close.

For those who missed it, or need a refresher, I wrote about FTC here and here. It’s science fiction and fantasy polished off with a M/M/F relationship. Add snarcasm, angst, things that go boom, and indecent exposure and, well, you get this.


Release date: TBA

A little about the book (NOT the official blurb!):

In 2165 AD, Canada’s in crisis, recovering from the Water Wars, global economical collapse, and a combination of domestic and international terrorism. The governtary is desperate. So desperate, they’re willing to exploit Vens, a magical subspecies of human.

Roan Lee is a Ven, a soldier, and an experiment in the SIGMA program. Once upon a time, he fell in love with Jace Ama, son of a clan leader, but they were separated viciously. Since that terrifying night, the governtary’s held him captive. For 15 years.

When Roan escapes only to come across Jace, he’s really thrown for a spin. Especially since Jace is married and leads one of the nomadic clans in what’s left of the Canadian wilderness. What they had is gone, destroyed. Over.

Or is it?


Heart, Lace, and Soul

HLS Coming in 2016 poster

My contribution to the Enchanted Soles anthology from Less Than Three Press. Heart, Lace, and Soul is a short fantasy romance novella (maybe more like urban fantasy + science fiction). The main character, Elly, is a fun, trans, bisexual character with a penchant for gothic-Steampunk style. She’s also a workaholic and has technology surgically stuck in her head. I announced it here a couple months back, excerpt included. It’s currently in the editing queue, so there’s still plenty of time to wait. More information when I have it.

In the meantime, I made a promotional poster… <<< over there. [Although, really, I think I just wanted an excuse to use photos from that set and that photographer, Andrey Kiselev, whose work I keep gravitating towards when I’m on the hunt for stock photos. And hey, corset. HELLO.]


Release date: TBA



A little about the book (NOT the official blurb!):

No one can hide their true feelings from Emotional Health Worker, Elly Satuura. With her magic boots, she knows everyone’s emotions even before they do. Everyone except the sweet and mysterious Vadrick Wallis, a hologram technician by day and old-fashioned artist in his off-time. He renders Elly’s empathic abilities useless as if he doesn’t exist.

During Elly’s battle with declining physical health and a failed marriage, Vadrick walks into her life as a white knight, saving her with a phone and a paper frog. He’s like a fairytale prince, giving her another chance at life. But when the dark cracks in her Vadrick emotional veneer are thrown into the light, the shoe is on the other foot and it’s up to Elly to save her prince in distress.



FOUR Coming in 2016 poster

The newest story to make the publication roster. This is the sequel to A Question of Counsel (released in 2015) and the second book in The Republic series. Anyone who’s read AQoC will immediately recognize the main character, Mayr. This story is all his, in a very Mayr way. Well, okay, so he has to share it with Tash, but whatever. Considering my partner referred to them as Mash and Tayrs (and I agreed that yes, they have a Bennifer or Brangelina thing happening), let’s just say they’re two people in one.

This book was unexpected, but fun to write. And, after finishing it, I realized it HAD to be written. In terms of the series, it has to happen — I was just the last one to know. At this time, I don’t have any other information to share other than it’s been picked up and put into the editing queue.

For more about the journey I’ve taken with this book, check out my posts on the contract announcement, the aptly named “Finish a Manuscript; Discover An Attention Whore“, and my freak out from the summer.


Release date: TBA

A little about the book (NOT the official blurb!):

On the outside, Mayr seems to have it all: a successful career as Head of the Guard for a prominent politician, family and friends who adore him, and the attention of beautiful women. He’s confident, treats life with a heaping dose of humour, and would sacrifice everything for those he loves.

Except appearances are a good way to bury secrets, including the fact that while Mayr is a romantic at heart, his lovers keep leaving. He doesn’t understand why; he just knows that he gives everything only to watch them walk away. When his latest girlfriend takes him back and suggests an intimate night with Tash, one of her lovers, Mayr reluctantly agrees.

That one night changes everything.

Once a gangster in a notorious criminal organization but now a devoted priest, Tash is considerate, caring, and strangely familiar. When they discover their mutual feelings, Mayr and Tash agree to a casual relationship with one rule: they can’t fall in love.

It’s a rule easily broken. And when Tash undertakes the Uldana Trials, love is the sacrifice they have to make. Pass or fail, the Trials will claim Tash’s life. If he succeeds, Tash must spend the rest of his life alone with the rest of the priesthood, never to love again. If he fails, Tash may just lose his life.

In a battle between duty and love, how can two tortured hearts win?


So there’s what’s on the way for sure. In a couple weeks, I’ll be sharing what’s going on RIGHT NOW with works-in-progress. And a bit about an event coming up in February. Until then, have fun, be weird, and don’t do anything a character wouldn’t do. 😛




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