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Rocking 2016, Literary Style: Part 2 – Projects A-Frolicking & Blog Hop Hunt!


A few weeks back, I posted about the publications I have coming up this year (For the Clan, Heart, Lace and Soul, and Four). For this second installment of what’s to come in 2016, I thought I’d delve into what I’m working on at the moment. (Read: Busting my ass to turn stuff over quickly.)


Current Projects-In-Progress

So if you haven’t yet noticed my blog’s side-bar, there’s a new box that lists my projects in the process of coming to publication and what’s scheduled to be written, all of them in various states of planning. (Thanks to fellow authors Megan Derr and T.T. Kove for the idea!) The real trick is going to be remembering that it’s there and that I need to update it…


Blood Borne

This is the WIP I’m trying to get done ASAP. The next installment in The Republic series, it’s a heavier, darker story. But it’s still romance and still HEA, so there’s light at the end. Just the journey’s a bit rough.

Ress is a metalsmith and owns a shop with his cousins. He also works for the Shar-denn, the gang that plagues the republic of Kattal with violence and criminal activity. For years, Ress has not only provided the Shar-denn with illegal materials, he’s also coordinated portions of their trafficking rings, including one of their most lucrative businesses: human trafficking.

Except he’s also an informant for the High Council. He’s just managed to scrape through the Shar-denn on lies and the fear he’s instilled in them. And as much as he wants to get out of the gang, he can’t. For one thing, he needs the blessing of the High Council to leave, but they won’t give it. Two, there’s the Shar-denn motto: The only way out is dead.

Things become even more complicated when Adren shows up. Adren is the youngest child of a gang boss. When cir family is arrested, their home sacked, and anyone related to them dragged away, Adren vows revenge. While ce escaped the raid, ce has no family, no place to call home, and no safety. What ce does have is the name of the man responsible: Ress. And he will pay in blood, in true Shar-denn style.

But fate is twisted and cruel. As much as Adren wants Ress to pay, Ress turns out to be one of the only people who understands and respects Adren… enough to become something much more than an enemy.

This is a different kind of pairing for me. Ress is asexual and Adren is bigender (thus the ce and cir pronouns, which do the same thing as xe and xir for readers who are more familiar with those). These are areas where the literature is lacking in terms of heroes, so I’m trying to get this right.

Other than that, Blood Borne will include Mayr and Tash from Four, as well as appearances from bounty hunters, Rathen and Kirra, who will have their own books. (Actually, two of my favourite scenes involve Mayr and Tash, including a sweet little spat and Tash being a priest. ^_^)

The more I delve into it, the more grimy their nation’s looking. Not only is the Shar-denn a problem, but there is an entire race of people missing. Adren belongs to that race. Unfortunately, ce doesn’t know anything about it so ce’s convinced ce’s a freak. There are definitely some identity issues happening.

I’m aiming to submit it by the end of March. Although it might be April.


After the Harp Sings

A short novella I’m hoping to submit to Less Than Three Press’s Fairytales Slashed (Volume 7) anthology. Almost the entire story is outlined, so I might get it done in time.

I won’t reveal much about the story right now, but it’s very Loreena McKennitt’s “The Bonny Swans” mixed with the TV show, Once Upon a Time, mixed with Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings. I’m mashing up the old story, Binnorie/The Cruel Sister/The Twa Sisters. It’s become one of my favourite folktales. While not very nice, it’s macabre like other fairytales and gives a right good kick in the end.

Except it won’t be just a retelling. I’m integrating other fairytale-esque bits to make it a whole new story. It’s what happens AFTER the harp sings in Binnorie. (And all the way, I’m thinking of Joseph Campbell and his concept of monomyth/The Hero’s Journey in storytelling. Fascinating stuff. If you haven’t read up on it, go and check it out.)

It won’t be the only change, though. I won’t be working with sisters. It’ll be a different cast instead, with humans and elf-like beings. And shifters. Yeah, I’m delving into the paranormal for this one. Also: a unicorn and a dragon. Let your imagination run rampant. I think mine’s just going to giggle all the way through the manuscript. Assuming I get it done. *eyes calendar suspiciously*


Hunter and Light From Shadow

After those two stories, I’ll be jumping on Hunter and Light From Shadow, books #4 and #5 in The Republic and trying to turn them out by the end of October. Hunter already has the first two chapters, give or take some editing. I began it around the time I was writing AQoC, but had to put it aside. It’ll just be a matter of refreshing it to match the rest of the series. And a good chunk of Light From Shadow has been plotted.

These two will go together, with some overlap in the end. Hunter is Rathen’s story; LFS is Kirra’s. It’s only fair they join at the metaphorical hip because they work together as bounty hunters. They come from the same village and share the same friends. They have their own sign language. They’ve even been known to sleep together. These stories will find them hooking up with more permanent partners… who also work together, though not nearly as nicely. The one story will be a little bit of fun, while the other will be heavier on the emotional side.


All That Other Stuff

So if I’m good and get all that done, it’s onward to the rest of The Republic: Touch Unleashed and Mortal Coils. Maybe even one after that… still unclear. For anyone who’s read Rule Breaker, you’ll get to see where Gren and Tracel have ended up.

After The Republic series is done (mostly), I’ll be working on the next 2 series, which are actually conjoined and exist in the same universe. But more about those to come in a different post. ^_^


Event! Join the Blog Hop

Annnnnnd there’s an event happening on February 19th that I’m excited to be part of. A BLOG HOP HUNT! More than 30 bloggers are participating in the game and there are plenty of prizes to be won.

For more, visit the Facebook event page.

And for a more detailed look at how it will work, check out the site where it will kick off. Right now, it’s just an example of what things will look like for the real Blog Hop Hunt. But don’t worry, come February 19th, everything will be in place.



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