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For the Clan: Release Info & Pre-order Link #SciFi♥ #fantasy #MMF

FTC Coming May 2016 poster

It’s official: For the Clan is being released May 25!

Canada, 2165 AD. The Water Wars and a decimated economy have taken their toll. Anyone who doesn’t live in a military-patrolled metropolis lives in a clan. But being in a clan doesn’t mean safety.

And for a Ven like Roan Lee, it doesn’t matter where he lives. Safety is a luxury. So is freedom.

Roan is desperate to escape the governtary’s exploitation and torture. He is nothing to them but 54σK1, an artifact born from a genetic mishap. When the chance to escape arises, he makes a run for it—and encounters the lover from his past, twisting his future into a second chance he never expected.

As leaders of Clan Teach, Jace Ama and his wife, Cayra Diega, have enough difficulty keeping their people safe. When Roan is thrown to their feet as a prisoner, their marriage becomes an additional challenge. Jace still loves Roan, but where does that place Cayra?


The eBook is available for pre-order from Less Than Three Press. Order now and they’ll have the file ready for you the night before it’s available to everyone else! ^_^

And if you’re on Goodreads, the book can be added here.


The cover reveal is *this* close. I can smell the virtual ink… er, pixels. More to come about where else the book can be purchased, as well as events on and after release day!



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