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Release Day! Enchanted Soles Anthology + Excerpt #bisexual♥ #fantasy #anthology


It’s Release Day!!!

Enchanted Soles cover (small)


Purchase Enchanted Soles directly from the publisher Less Than Three Press or from any major online retailer, including: Amazon • Barnes & NobleSmashwordsAll Romance eBooksKoboiTunes



Enchanted Soles

Sometimes all it takes is the right pair of shoes…

In Three Nights (A.D. Truax), Synder buys a pair of sandals that have a mind and plan of their own, and drag him to a celebration to which he was not invited—and into the arms of a handsome prince.

Saidah of Dame Fortune (C. Finley) asks her beautiful new wishing boots to take her to her true love, but the simple question has a complicated answer that will take more than magic boots to find.

Heart, Lace, and Soul (Archer Kay Leah) brings together Elly, who seldom removes the psychic boots that let her read and feel the minds of other people in order to help them, and a man her boots cannot read.

In Aelfwear (Katey Hawthorne), Frida is hired to make hideous shoes for a beautiful woman who claims she’s out to cause misery for a man who once betrayed Frida’s family—but Frida fears she’ll wind up being played for a fool a second time.

And Into the Hollowed Veil (A.M. Valenza) is the story of a man who puts on a pair of beautiful red shoes and finds himself in a strange forest helping a beautiful woman rescue the man she loves…

** Enchanted Soles contains no explicit content. The story Heart, Lace, and Soul contains brief descriptions of depression and suicidal thoughts.


And if you’re on Goodreads, the book can be added here.



Excerpt from Heart, Lace, and Soul

“Everything all right?” The man in the grey coat stepped onto the patio carrying two mugs. The corners of his eyes softened. His lips offered a small, sad smile, as if in reassurance.

As if he understood heartbreak.

“Never better.” Standing, Elly held out his phone, relieved she didn’t tremble like she used to after talking to Nareen. “Thanks again.”

“Sure, any time. I can even listen if you need me to.” The man held out a mug. “Here, I’ll trade you. Thought you could use some fresh tea. Something peaceful for a hectic day.”

“Wait.” Elly cautiously accepted the tea before handing him his phone. “This isn’t right. I’m supposed to be buying you the drink for saving me.”

The man shrugged. “So maybe we’ll trade gratitude, instead. You got the pleasure of using my phone, and I got the pleasure of finally meeting you.”


A blush spread across the man’s face. “I kept meaning to say hello before this. You’ve come in often during the last six months. I’ve been thinking about you and how it might be nice to get to know each other. Maybe try a meal and see where it goes.”

The words could’ve knocked her over had she not been leaning against the table. He wanted a date?

His glance flicked to the street on the other side of the bushes behind Elly. “When I saw you about to kill your phone, I thought maybe fate was trying to tell me something. It gave me the chance to talk to you without creeping you out like a stalker. At least, I hope it did. Didn’t. Did? Crap, I don’t know which one. And I’m sounding like a complete idiot, aren’t I?” He stepped back. “Sorry. I didn’t mean to bother you.”

“No! You aren’t bothering me. It’s sweet. It’s just… been a while—”

Elly’s breath hitched as she went to say his name.

She didn’t know it.

His name had never flashed across her visual field. For all of the moments he’d stared her in the eye, his face perfectly exposed to the facial recognition software in her microchips, his personal information had never popped up. She saw nothing but him.

But why? Why wouldn’t it have activated? It should’ve the second… No.

Elly’s fingers numbed. That was the reason why he was peculiar, the reason why he knocked her off-kilter. She couldn’t read him. She felt nothing from him.


He was an emotional void. Her boots didn’t register him, not even a little. Her enchanted boots, the ones she’d worked hard to earn from the Academy for Empathic Healers; the greatest tool available to empaths, helping them heal others—and they were suddenly useless.

He rendered her emotionally blind.

It all made sense: since her boots didn’t connect to his essence, his deepest self, the microchips didn’t activate to give her his information. If she wasn’t standing before him, she would’ve thought he didn’t exist.

That’s what was missing. The rush. The ride. She’d always likened it to being engulfed by a tornado, spinning wildly, downwards and upwards until getting tossed into the eye. Sometimes it was more like being swept into oblivion by a tidal wave that broke violently, stranding her in darkness and stark clarity.

Other times, at its most joyful point, it was a gentle, uplifting energy that coiled around her. While it overwhelmed her and devoured her spirit, it fulfilled her with the feeling of being the other person, of being someone who wasn’t her.

The stranger offered none of that. Instead of feeling like him, she was acutely aware of herself and her emotions. As if he was a mirror. She hated the reflection reaching back.




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