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Virtual FantasyCon 2016 Starts Today! {Runs from Oct 9 – 16 on Facebook}



Starting today, the second annual Virtual FantasyCon will be taking place until October 16th, 2016 — and it’s all on Facebook!


This is an online convention — one you can attend for free. Come meet new authors, chat with participants, comment on the booths, take part in the games and prizes at those booths, and participate in the events, including:

► The Cosplay booth, with a daily prize bundle for a best Cosplay selfie and a Grand Prize at the end of the week!

► Panel Discussions on Youtube

► Blog Hop Hunt — participate, submit the right answer, and you could be eligible to win even more prizes. There are both daily prize bundles and a Grand Prize.


Each day will focus on a different genre/subgenre, including urban fantasy, sci fi, all version of types of Punk, paranormal, epic fantasy, fairytales, YA, and more. Authors, artists, and bloggers will have their own virtual booths for readers and fans to attend and see works, teasers, and more.




I’m thrilled to announce that I will be one of the authors at the event on Sunday, Monday, and Thursday, representing epic fantasy, sci-fantasy, and fantasy series. Come on by and say hello!



Interested? Here are ALL THE LINKS you need!


Epic/Sword & Sorcery Sunday

Sci-Fi/Sci-Fantasy/Time-Travel Monday

Fairytale/Punk Tuesday

Paranormal/Urban Wednesday

Series/Short Stories Thursday

Dystopian/Apocalyptic Friday

Dark/GrimDark/Horror Saturday

Children/YA Fantasy Sunday



Blog Hop Hunt

Blog Hop Hunt website

The quick link to the ENTRY PAGE!



And for a place to chill out with other attendees, the Reader’s Corner event page

Reader’s Corner



Thoughts? Comments? Musings? Chat away!

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