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2017: What I’m Up To & Where I’m Going… Maybe. Sort of. Kinda?


Last week I revisited 2016 and waved it bye-bye ’cause it’s sooooo last year. (Yeah, I went there. I’ve been binge-watching Project Runway. Bad puns can, and will, happen!) This week, I’m delving into what’s currently on my desk and what’s coming up in 2017!


Literature of the Writer’s Present

At the moment, there’s only one project taking up all. my. time: Soulbound, which I started this past June. I had hoped to have the first draft finished in the fall but surprise, I’m still writing it. The length of the manuscript is mostly to thank: it’s twice as long as expected. The manuscript is at 155k with another 15k left… It’s a beast. >.<

Having said that, I’m happy to announce the first draft is *this close* to being finished. Within a couple chapters, it’ll be done and ready for editing, which will likely take 2 months given my rigorous process (*cough cough* perfectionist *cough cough*).  I’m hoping to cut it by 30k.

For those who have read Four, this is a sequel in the Mayr & Tash love story. I hadn’t originally planned on writing another book for them — just a novella — but now they’re getting three books. Four brought them together and showed them what could have; Soulbound is where things really change for them as a couple rather than just individuals. They get to explore the future rather than being stuck in the past. There’s plenty of drama and sweet, fluffy love stuff. (It gets pretty saccharine!) There’s also an MMF relationship — part of their “growing up”. Nothing will ever be the same. *curious music playing in the background*



Rubbing the Magic Eight Ball and Seeing the Future…

In terms of new releases, 2017 will be quiet. Only two stories are on the roster: Blood Borne (The Republic #3) and Prince of Patches.

Blood Borne is awaiting edits, so I don’t have further information. My guess is it’ll come out in the summer. More info to come.

Prince of Patches is also in edits, though in the second round. This is a sweet short story I’ve written for a special project I can’t talk about yet. I can say the story is a New Adult fantasy-paranormal romance with a cute spin on shifters. When the release information comes out, I’ll definitely post all about it!

That’s it for publications themselves. Most of this year will be about producing new stuff. Here’s a glimpse of projects I’ll (likely) be working on in 2017:



{#1} To Live a Dragon

Genre: Fantasy + paranormal
Relationship: M/M

Dragon shifters! Originally I planned to write this for LT3’s For the Hoard collection call but due to time restraints, I’ve decided to work it as a general submission. I’d rather go into the project relaxed and ready than stressed out.

The story involves the dragon afterlife and what happens when someone screws with it. I have an idea of what things look like but some things are still fuzzy. There will also be research involved, meaning a few weeks of reading, planning, and outlining like a fiend.



{#2} Ashsender (Kindle Overthrow #1)

Genre: Science fiction
Relationship: M/M (bisexual / gay)

Executioners. Corpse Collectors. Assassins. Corrupt businesses and a government falling, falling, falling through the intergalactic wasteland…

This is where my next series is going to go: dark, M/M science fiction in a world that’s pretty messed up. And this series will be conjoined at the hip with a second series, Kindle Redemption (F/F sci fi). Both series will exist in the same universe, sharing characters, issues, and the same office.

Ashsender will kick off these series. It features Evesen, a Collector (retired) for the Strategeum of Population Management and Resource Allocation, and Lexxen, a corporate-owned assassin. One is a political slave who found out the government wasn’t sending him to clean up the trouble or criminals in the universe like they said but using him to dispel of innocent people who pose threats to the system; the other thought he’d rid the universe of scum but ended up working for them. (I know… the happiest of concepts. Did I mention I don’t usually do fluffy?)

This will be a story about young love that got away, redemption, and doing everything in your power to save the one you love. Even if it means hacking the system, full-out recons with all the dangerous toys, and generally just kicking ass. Evesen and Lexxen are faced with saving each other from the holes they’ve been thrown into. This is their refresher in humanity. A chance to fight back and challenge the status quo. They’ve been kicked around so long, it’s time to bite back. Smells like rebellion.

I have an entire post ready to go once I start writing it. It’s currently in the outlining stage. But it’s written up in my head, right down to the Fuck Me card.

*evil smile*



{#3} FSF Corp. #1

Genre: Paranormal + science fiction
Relationship: ?

The FSF Corp. series is going to be a mashup: paranormal meets science fiction, where the paranormal is manufactured and the science is money-making. The idea came from the submission calls for LT3’s My Dearest Friend and My Dearest Enemy collections. I’d played with the idea of submitting a story to each collection where the stories were connected. Again, time got in the way, so I shelved the concept — but not completely. In the last few months, I’ve built on the possibilities, playing with new ideas. I’m finally getting near the point where I’ll commit.

The intention is for the series to be fun, quirky, and odd. I’d really love to channel my love for things like The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Doctor Who, and Stargate: Atlantis with the paranormal, the abnormal, and the corporate. It’s a series I’d like to work on as a break between heavier works. The first book looks like it’ll deal with alternate dimensions/reality and the ghostly plane. In the rest of the series, there will be vampires, banshees, shifters, faeries, and so on but with a spin: they’re manufactured and customized, sold and experienced by clients. It’s a business complete with contracts, investments, academia, R&D, and all those things. And no one knows a thing about the guy who owns the company… or his big secret.

I have a lot of research to do!! I’ll be burying my nose in science publications as well as folklore and history. It’s all the reason I need to camp out at the university libraries like I used to. ^_^



{#4} Hunter (The Republic #5)

Genre: High fantasy
Relationship: M/M (both bisexual)

If you’ve read Four, you’ve met Rathen, one of the MCs in this book. The surly bounty hunter gets the most unlikely boyfriend in this one: Nerrik, a pretty politician who isn’t what Rathen anticipates.

Funny story: I started this story well before writing A Question of Counsel but put it aside to focus on AQoC. Then came all the other stories and this one got pushed back. Once I outlined the series, I figured out where Hunter would go, except I wasn’t grooving with the original outline so I’ve wanted to rework the chapters I’d already laid down. It felt too blah.

At the beginning of 2016, I came up with fresh material and ways to fix the story. Turns out all I needed was a few more elements to twist up the characters. With those in place, the rest of the story has just tumbled out in a collection of notes I can plug into a new outline. It’s totally renewed my interest in writing it. And all that’s spawned notes all over the place for other books and situations in the series.

I won’t go too far into the plot right now, though I will say there’s a quest. And snarkiness mixed with sweet moments among other things. Rathen and Nerrik form a very special relationship that will be unique to them in the series. It’s going to be an interesting ride.



{#5} Light from Shadow (The Republic #6)

Genre: High fantasy
Relationship: F/F (pansexual / lesbian)

This book follows directly on the heels of Hunter. Since they’re closely tied, I’m considering writing them relatively at the same time. Ideally, I’d like to submit them to the publisher within two or three months of each other so they’ll be published close together.

Where Hunter was Rathen’s story, this will be Kirra’s. Kirra is Rathen’s bounty hunting partner and occasional fuck buddy. They’re also best friends and best friends with Gren from Rule Breaker. This book is what happens when Kirra’s thing for Councilman Severn comes to light…

It’s going to be hot. It’s going to be sexy. It’s going to hurt.

Severn is abrasive and a hardass. As Councilman of Public Protection, she’s 100% not fluffy and glittery. Most of her time is spent worrying about the nation’s assholes and managing bounty hunters, soldiers, and anyone to do with law enforcement. Showing weakness could kill her career. But then there’s Kirra: fun-loving, badass, and too pretty to keep ignoring… Yep, it’s going to be fun.



So that’s my 2017 in a glance! How much of it happens just like that, we’ll see. One word right after another, right? And a pinch of How’d That Happen?!? just to keep things interesting.




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