To Live A Dragon (new WIP), Soulbound Edits, and a Cold I’d Like to Boot


Welcome to March. It’s been a while since I last posted, mostly because I’ve been editing but partially because I’ve been sick. Productivity has been at 0% for the last several days thanks to a nasty cold that’s rolling out headaches like they’re in style and screwing with my vision. Things are still pretty ick and my clarity’s in and out, but here’s an update!


Soulbound: Currently in Editing Mode

The big news: I finished the first draft of Soulbound at the end of January. \o/

Of course, it ended up being a whopping 173,500 words. A BRICK.

Yeah, that was so not the plan but mea culpa. Instead of sticking to Story A + B like the rest of the series, there’s A + B + C, split between two perspectives. Seeing as all of it converges, removing any of the story lines actually screws it up and alters later stories.

With that in mind, February was all about cutting back. The second draft currently sits at 149,000 words — not great, but better. (For comparison: an average novel for adults is usually between 50,000 and 120,000 words. Several epic fantasy/high fantasy novels like George R.R. Martin’s are somewhere between 150,000 and 200,000, which I’m no stranger to but not aiming for.) Once I’ve recovered, I’ll see about trashing a few thousand more words. So… there’s that. At least the first draft is done. I don’t feel as bogged-down and depressed as I did.


To Live A Dragon: New WIP!

I mentioned To Live A Dragon in January, but I didn’t have much except a loose plot. But once I watched the first episode of The Shannara Chronicles, everything changed.

Fact: when I get TV shows, movies, or books, I often don’t watch/read them right away. I shelve them until I’m ready. In the case of TSC, I’d put off watching it while I worked on my books. I adore Terry Brooks’ Shannara series (I’ve been reading his books since I was 12, maybe younger), but I didn’t want his world and my world getting all smashed up. So I waited until I had a clear head… which was absolutely brilliant because when I heard the opening song — “Until We Go Down” by Ruelle — THINGS poured out. I went from no story to ALL the story. Everything came up dragons.



Additionally, I found Ruelle’s “This Is the Hunt” (theme song from the TV show, Shadowhunters), “Where Do We Go From Here?“, “War of Hearts“, plus the rest of Ruelle’s catalogue and related artists (including Fleurie’s “Hurts Like Hell“). I’ve also been listening to The Phantom of the Opera soundtrack, Sarah Brightman, and Nightwish.

I’m so excited to be working on this project. It’s my first dragon story! More about it:


Genre: High fantasy + paranormal + urban fantasy
Paranormal aspect: Dragon shifters!

Characters: Paise & Kildee
Relationship: M (gay) / M (homoromantic asexual)


In a world where dragons are considered myths and frightening beasts of creative proportions, living as a dragon shifter requires secrecy above all else — a fact Paise Deschita has paid for with his life. After an accidental shift gone wrong, Paise went from successful structural engineer and city architect to dragon corpse, downed by military forces that feared he was an alien incursion or a terrorist attack.

That was when the rest of his life began.

Paise died a mortal of the Zunitsa nation but woke up a resident of Aramyra, the dragon afterworld. Surrounded by dragon shifters, full-blooded dragons, and allies of dragonkind, Paise is not alone in his tragedy. With the help of Kildee lale Morove, a shifter who died centuries before Paise was born, Paise has adjusted to his new home, a land where magic is everywhere and all dragons are safe. Thanks to a band of sympathetic mages, the dragons’ souls are tethered and controlled by their will, each bound to an egg kept in safeguarded hoards. Should any dragon wish to return to the world of the living, they have two choices: break their egg and be resurrected or take their egg to a mage and be reborn.

For Paise, staying dead is better than a second life. Though Paise has a secret too difficult to keep: he’s fallen in love with Kildee. After fifteen years of friendship, he wants to be boyfriends or even more — mates. Except Kildee doesn’t appear to feel the same, and asking to be more could end what they have.

But when Kildee disappears, his egg broken by a thief, it could be the end of their very deaths.

The people on the other side can’t be trusted, and the world is nothing like the one Kildee knew. If Paise is going to bring Kildee home, there’s only one way: rejoin the living and save Kildee from whatever nightmare awaits, even if it means facing fears that have never been gone or buried.


There’s so much more, but that’s the gist. Other highlights:

  • Paise and Kildee are complete opposites. Paise is very much a fire, earth, and stone type dragon: heavy, stubborn with a temper, and has the capacity to go completely Smaug on people. Kildee is chill, calm, all water, air, and ice — much more a pacifist…. unless he’s cornered.
  • Paise has a rugged, rocker vibe from the 1990s/2000s, and his idea of a shiny is the best motorcycle available, all chrome and expensive. Body modifications of note: full tattoo sleeves on both arms and dragon scales embedded in his back. Meanwhile, Kildee is a proper Victorian-esque gentlemen, three-piece suits and all. He used to be a Master Principal Artist, having achieved the roles of principal dancer, singer, and actor for an elite performance arts company. He’s classically trained, is very sweet on the eyes, and loves wearing shiny jewels, but also costumes and glitter.
  • And for those who want to see more aces in literature: Kildee is. He’s down with romantic gestures but not really with much more than that, and he doesn’t respond to sexual jokes/commentary or enjoy anything particularly lewd. Not to say he doesn’t like being courted — he revels in it, but only if the wooer actually pays attention to who he is and respects what he’s comfortable with. Sadly, the list of people who’ve done so is woefully short. He’s had it tough. But I promise this story has a happy ending.


So there’s the update for now. No doubt I’ll have something new in a few weeks!




2 comments on “To Live A Dragon (new WIP), Soulbound Edits, and a Cold I’d Like to Boot

  1. looking forward to reading them no matter how long.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Our mutual messenger tells me you got the files. Thanks for braving the drafts. I’m looking forward to your comments. *bites nails* Have fun reading! *stares at couch and considers hiding* 😉


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