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Updates & Book Sale! ONLY 3 DAYS LEFT! {30% Off *All* LT3 Press Books + A Chance to Win THINGS}


It’s been another long month and a half since my last post, where The Head Cold of Head Colds was in full effect. I got over that ick situation… only to find myself in a new one. Following said HCoHC, I was left with permanently messed-up vision, complete with the need to wear an eye patch while trying to work. (Note: Wearing an eye patch AND glasses over it is SO not comfortable.)

Since then, I’ve met with an optometrist and got new glasses. Turns out my right eye is better than my last prescription and my left eye is dramatically worse and “cause for [some] concern” due to one of a few possible issues. (There was a lot of hmmm-ing during my eye exam and quizzical looks, though the exact cause is still a mystery, especially since my answers didn’t fall in line with other anticipated symptoms. I swear my cold did it, but apparently diabetes is a highly likely culprit. That or stress. SIGH.)

The good news is that my new glasses are fixing the problem so I can work again. \o/

That takes me to the great news:

(1) I received the cover for Blood Borne a few weeks ago! It’s lovelyyyyy, thanks to the always awesome Natasha Snow. (And by “lovely” I mean sinister, colourful, and holds a very special, unique place in the series.) I’m sitting on it until I have a release date and blurb, but the reveal is coming soon!

(2) I sent the completed first round of Blood Borne edits back to the publisher not too long ago.  I’m expecting a summer release date.

(3) Since I have my reading abilities back, I’ve resumed edits on Soulbound. There’s SO MUCH to do. Chop, chop, chop.


But Hey, There’s a SALE!!!


It’s April, meaning it’s my publisher’s anniversary. Less Than Three Press is 8 years old, so they’ve been hosting a massive 30% OFF sale on ALL of their books ALL MONTH, plus a really awesome raffle, and multiple giveaways. There aren’t just grand prizes but also giveaways on the company’s Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr account.

There’s only 3 days left in the sale, so head on over and check out all the awesome works by my publisher brethren!

For the official  information on how to enter the raffle and everything anniversary, visit LT3’s website. Note: This sale applies only to books on their site, not at other retailers. But fear not! Their eBooks are available in mobi, pdf, and epub formats.




On a shameless promotional note, this means all of my books are available at 30% off at LT3. Until the end of April 30th, you can purchase any of them as eBooks for less than $5 each.

(Psssst… This is a great time to catch up on The Republic series before the next book comes out! Here’s the series reading order: Rule Breaker [The Republic #0.5] in the Won’t Back Down anthology + A Question of Counsel + Four.)

{For the Clan is a standalone sci fi-fantasy-dystopian, and the Enchanted Soles anthology contains my urban fantasy, Heart, Lace, and Soul, with four other fabulous stories. Click here or on the graphic below to see the listings for them all!}


Annnnnnnd the clock tells me it’s 8:30am, meaning it’s bedtime! (I am vampire, hear me hiss.) Have a lovely Friday, folks.



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