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Cover Reveal!!! ♥ SOULBOUND ♥ ~~ Available for Pre-order RIGHT NOW!


OMG, Soulbound has a cover! And a blurb. And a listing with pre-order link!!! 😀

This is big news, especially since I didn’t expect it so soon. I estimated a winter release date, but nope, the book will be available on September 5, 2018! That’s 1.5 months away — and almost *exactly* 2 years from when Four was published. (No, for real. Four came out on September 7, so for Soulbound to come out on the 5th is HUGELY hilarious to me, seeing as both books are about Mayr & Tash.)

For those new to what this book is, it’s #4 in my high fantasy & romance series, The Republic, and features one of my favourite pairings, Mayr & Tash. One’s a guard, one’s a priest, and in this book, readers find out just how connected they really are. The guys also find themselves in an MMF relationship with someone very dear to them both: Arieve, who Mayr fell in love with when he was a teenager but could never be with romantically for various reasons. In addition to that, Arieve comes with her own FF relationship with Coye, whose relationship to Mayr is a rough work in progress.

So yeah… it’s currently available to pre-order from my publisher, and here’s the cover, designed by my favourite cover artist, the ever amazing Natasha Snow! I was blessed to have Natasha as my cover artist for the first book in the series, and she’s done the covers for the other books ever since. She’s utterly fantastic. ♥



Cover for Soulbound by Archer Kay Leah


Publication date: September 5, 2018
Genres: Fantasy, romance
Series: The Republic
LGBTQIA+ identities: Bisexual; MM and MMF poly relationships
Cover artist: Natasha Snow


In a relationship that violates rules and expectations, Mayr and Tash have found their perfect match in each other. Despite their fears and difficult pasts, they hope for a shared future with security and a family. When Mayr’s secret first love, Arieve, proposes they create that family with her, it seems dreams could become reality.

But life is complicated, and so is the delicate balance between duty and love. While Mayr protects the Dahe family at all costs, Tash is determined to succeed as a priest. Both positions require sacrifice, forcing their relationship into painful choices. To make matters worse, criminals lurk in the shadows, seeking revenge on them and those they guard.

The life they want risks losing everything—including Arieve and each other. Even if they can have it all, keeping it may take more than they can give.


Content notes & trigger warnings: Soulbound contains some explicit content, references to self-harm, suicide, and mentions of suicide-related behavior and intent. This story also contains instances of graphic violence, references to rape and domestic abuse, and depictions and mentions of depression.



Pre-order the eBook from Less Than Three Press for 15% off!  *

{Available as mobi, ePub, and PDF. Pre-ordering from the publisher directly gets you the book the night before release day!}




Can this one be read on its own? Possibly yes, in theory, but readers may find it more helpful to read the first three books before this one — or, at the very least, read Four and Blood Borne. Soulbound ties back to both of them rather deeply. In fact, they form a trilogy: Four introduces particular characters and circumstances, Blood Borne sees them taking action, and Soulbound is where the consequences come crashing through. It also ties back to A Question of Counsel, meaning it might be worth reading the set to really get the whole picture!

This is also the first time readers will see things from Tash’s perspective. Up until now, he’s had his life splashed across the pages from other people’s POVs. In this one, though, he’s got at least half the story because some stuff has to be told from his side. But beware: it’s tough in places, touching on heavy subjects, as hinted at in the content notes and trigger warnings. Tash’s past… it’s been pretty shitty, and he lives with that all the time. There was a good reason why his Trials went down the way they did in Four — why he was resigned to let things happen as they may.

That past and the present circumstances in which Mayr & Tash find themselves are why the cover is what it is: there’s a darkness there, surrounding them, among other things. I can’t go into the exact reasons for the cover artwork without spoiling things, but it applies in a couple different ways. Things are pretty challenging for them right now.

But don’t worry, there’s good stuff packed into the story, too! I’ve tried to balance it out with several happy things. Readers will also see the return of the usual suspects — Aeley & Lira, Pellon, Severn, Cota, Rathen & Kirra, Ress & Adren, and Kee — as well as a few new characters. We’ll see the return of Gorgan, who was 18 in Four and brand new to guard training. He has a couple years experience now, and he’s learning what it’ll take to be who he wants to be.

I’m also ridiculously pleased to introduce Stick & Stuck, two other members of the Dahe Guard. They come as a pair and I love them dearly. Stick might be easy to underestimate, but he’ll fight hard for the cause, and Stuck… she’s a real delight and full of Don’t Screw With Me. This won’t be the last of them. Oh no. They’re here to stay. *mischievous grin*

I could go on, but I’ll end the post here and say there’s more to come! I’ll definitely say a bit more on Release Day. I’m also hoping to share a deleted scene that day, one I reallllllly wish I didn’t have to cut but alas, it needed to go.

In the meantime, if anyone has any questions about the book, series, characters, or whatever, let me know. I’m always happy to answer. ^_^



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