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August Updates + Pre-order “Soulbound” @ 32% Off (AND Get Other Books for 20% Off!)



Happy August, everyone! Also known as Where the heck did summer go

Yeah, I don’t know, either.

Mmm, okay, so maybe that’s not entirely true. I’m pretty sure I’ve lost half of it to the day after day of construction that’s going on in my building and the other half in words. Buuuut, what I do know for sure-for sure is that I have updates and news on the book sale my publisher is hosting on their website for the next couple of weeks. (Because BOOKS!!! And sales make them all the sweeter!) More on that below. 🙂


Soulbound (The Republic #4) is Almost HERE!

Yes, it’s going be be release day here really soon. Eeek, it’s so exciting! Soulbound has been a labour of love, and I’m thrilled that it’ll be available to readers soon. Mayr & Tash are so very dear to my heart and I love where this book ended up going, even though it wasn’t planned and it’s changed so much in the series.

The release date is September 5, but readers who pre-order it from my publisher, Less Than Three Press, will get it the evening before that, on September 4th! And if you purchase it right now, you can get it for 32% off of regular price, from now until August 22. After that, it’ll go back to being 15% off until release day. It’s available from LT3 in multiple digital formats, so it doesn’t matter if you use Kindle, Nook, computer, or another type of reader — you can totally take advantage of the sale! (And pick up loads of other books while you’re there!)

You can also add Soulbound to your shelves on Goodreads.


Newly Signed: Of Kindred and Stardust

If you missed the news: a few of weeks ago, I signed a contract for another novella, called Of Kindred and Stardust! It’s my contribution to the Home for the Holidays collection that LT3 Press is putting out. It’s a bit of something different with a few touches of unapologetic fun all rolled up in a sci fi future and polyamorous romance. There’s the cheekiness of George the Lizardbot, more than a few terrible jokes, and a main character that ended up way more mouthy than I anticipated… Wait, he talks like me. Uhhhh…

*clears throat* Yeah, so that’s coming out, probably next year, I think. I even wrote a glossary for this one, given the names that come up, many of which I don’t anticipate most readers to know. Though whether that was a good idea or not… I’ll have to see. I’m feeling several kinds of anxious about it — the glossary, not the book itself — considering all of the misinformation being spread by pop culture and the entertainment industry. I’m bracing myself for all of the “these things aren’t true, because in the Marvel movies…” arguments, despite the historical lore that’s openly available. *sigh*

But hey, it’s happening, so that’s awesome! I’m incredibly happy I can share this with everyone and hopefully make folks laugh a little. 🙂 If anything, maybe I can spread some warm fuzzies??


Current WIP: Rule Breaker (The Republic #0.5) — Edition #2!

Okay, so. Originally I thought I’d be working on Rebel Call right now, after I finally got OKAS sorted. I literally was a couple days away from starting on it when blam! It got hijacked by Rule Breaker, which I’ve been meaning to rewrite but haven’t had the time. The story was originally published in an anthology, but the rights came back to me last summer and I put it aside until I could think it through.

Thanks to the story shoving itself to the front of the queue at last minute, I’m currently rewriting it, from start to finish. This second edition is being built on the foundation of the original published version, but with a lot of reworking and polishing touches in addition to new material. The characters remain exactly as they were, though I’m now getting further into them since I have the word count to do it. I also get to write from both perspectives, which I’ve been looking forward to, because Tracel has a voice that deserves to be heard.

I’ve drastically expanded it in the front end, so the story will start weeks earlier, before Gren goes away on The Job He Wishes He Never Did, as opposed to only showing what comes afterwards. I even spent a night designing Tracel’s cottage and putting the blueprint together. (FINALLY, a character gets to have a summer kitchen!)

I’ve also worked in more of the geography. I have a beautiful new map that’s making its debut in Soulbound, so it just made good sense to use it here! (I can’t wait to show off the map. Raelynn Marie did such an amazing job! I’m going to take any chance to use it that I can.)

I haven’t quite finished the first chapter yet, but it’s already turning out longer than I expected, meaning the book will definitely be more than 40,000 words. The original was under 20k, but it looks like this edition will be at least 3x that. It’s just as well: I want this book to match the others, so that’s part of how it’ll happen, especially since I’m able to load in a whole lot of world-building into this version.

More to come on that. At the moment, I’m working on promos and tour posts so I’ve had to put RB aside for a little bit, probably until mid-September or so.


Book Sale @ LT3 Press ~~ Get 20% Off Queer Romances Until August 22!

Love books? Want more?

Time to go SHOPPING! ^_^

And what better than to hit up a summer sale at my publisher’s site, where you can pick up a ton of fantastic LGBTQIA+ books for 20% off (or more, in the cases of pre-orders)??? If you dig queer romance, here’s a chance to add to your library!

All of my books are part of the sale — check them out here.

That includes Soulbound (at 32% off) and books #1, 2, and 3 of The Republic series. In fact, you can get all four books for $20 and be caught up!

If anthologies are your jam, Enchanted Soles is also on sale, along with my sci fi MMF romance, For the Clan.

But there are hundreds of other books available, so hop on over now and take a look!




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