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“Soulbound” Blog Tour Round-Up! {Links to Every Guest Post & Excerpt}



And the tour for Soulbound is over! For those who didn’t already know: the book was on tour for the first three weeks of October, thanks to the wonderful folks at Other Worlds Ink. (Many thank yous to Mark & Scott for making it happen!) The tour included about two dozen bloggers and 11 guests posts (including exclusive excerpts) put together exclusively for the tour.

Below are links to every tour stop, with all of the guest posts and excerpts listed first. Alas, the giveaway has ended, but the posts are still good!

Many thanks to all of the bloggers who were on the tour and to everyone who participated! 😀 ❤



October 1 – Guest post @ The Novel Approach
The Journey of Soulbound: From Extra Fluff to Whopping Significance”
What inspired it to begin with? How did it go from being a simple little side story to a huge beast of significance for the series?? It was one heck of a ride, and a huge surprise to me! Read all about it in the post.


October 1 – Guest post @ Stories That Make You Smile (Addison Albright)
10 Relatively Random Facts About The Republic Series & Its Characters!
Here are 10-ish (sort of) random things about The Republic series, including a couple details about is characters, their society, and bits of real life that inspired certain details! What do Prince Edward Island, Frick & Frack, and sex magic have to do with it? Find the answers in the post!


October 2 – Review @ Drops of Ink (Anne Barwell)
OMG, an AWESOME 4.5 star review!! “I’d recommend Soulbound to readers who enjoy high fantasy stories with complex world building and characters, and action scenes that keep you on the edge of your seat.” There were even shout-outs to Tash’s tattoo, his struggles, Mayr & Tash’s relationship with Arieve… It’s all so glowing. 😀


October 4 – Guest post @ Matt Doyle Media (+ a Spotlight!)
“Soulbound Playlist – The Themes
Music is so incredibly important to my creative process, so here’s a selection of pieces from the rather long playlist I used for Soulbound! In this post, I talk about the major themes from the playlist, which fit the book as a whole or the characters in a deep way. Selections include Tove Lo’s “Scars”, Sarah Brightman’s “Eden”, and Savage Garden’s “Truly, Madly, Deeply”!


October 5 – Exclusive excerpt @ MM Good Book Reviews
Things are getting chilly in The Republic… but they’ll always warm up. This excerpt is about what happens when Mayr schemes for a whole week over a romantic evening. He’s got plans and they’re going to happen!


October 6 – Guest post @ Valerie Ullmer
“Soulbound Playlist — The Dark, the Wistful, and the Angsty
Another bit of the playlist for the book! This time, we take a gander at the darker, more wistful and heartbroken side. In the republic, angst is 100% on tap and here are some of those tunes for challenges and when life just really sucks. Selections include my favourite Evanescence songs, “I Can’t See New York” by Tori Amos, “Shattered” by Lindsey Stirling with Lzzy Hale, and one of my favourite Within Temptation songs!


October 8 – Guest post @ Love Bytes
The Goddesses of Soulbound and The Republic Series
Learn more about the four goddesses in the series and the real-life deities that inspired them! Come meet Emeraliss, Laytia, Hastal, and Navara… powerful, mighty, and beloved. Which goddess was inspired by the Amazons? Who has connections to the Norse goddess, Hela, and the Egyptian gods? It’s all in this post!


October 9 – Exclusive excerpt @ Wicked Faerie’s Tales & Reviews
A look at what happens when Mayr and Tash face off in the training ring for the first time, testing more than just Tash’s skills — it’ll test their patience and fortitude as a couple.


October 13 – Guest post @ Queeromance Ink
“Soulbound: The Serious Side of The Republic
The series goes into many a serious subject, which just tends to happen naturally with my work and I usually roll with it, seeing what comes of it in the long-run. Soulbound definitely goes there on several occasions, on several matters, calling for all of the content warnings. There are matters of mental health, suicide and death, recovering one’s soul after doing awful things, dealing with a criminal organization that commits so many of the same crimes we see in real life, including human trafficking, crimes against the people, and other issues… It’s a rough one. But for all of Tash’s fears and hurt, Mayr’s determination rights them when things go wrong, giving them a wonderful balance: whenever one struggles, the other steps in to keep them going.


October 16 – Exclusive excerpt @ My Fiction Nook
Mayr gets put through a few emotional downs in this book, especially with nightmares that won’t leave him alone. He feels the pressure of things going on around them, but he doesn’t know what to do except protect Tash and Arieve the best way he can. Mayr loves both of them deeply, so much he’d rather choose silence over everything else…


October 17 – Guest post @ Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words
“Soulbound Playlist – The Loving, the Hopeful, and the Sensual
A third, and last, look at the playlist! This set touches on the love songs, the more hope-inspired tracks, and a few of the sensual songs that came in handy while writing the book. Selections include a couple of my favourite Enigma songs, a few of my top fave songs by The Weeknd, and Placebo’s cover of “Running Up That Hill” by Kate Bush… because (a) Kate Bush and (b) it’s a great song with so many awesome cover versions.


October 21 – Exclusive excerpt @ Boy Meets Boy Reviews
Mayr and Tash are both incredibly sentimental and cherish their loved ones dearly, enough that Mayr has tattoos dedicated to them, not only to show how much they mean to him but to keep them close — reminders to work hard and take care of them. And Tash absolutely loves him for it, especially since he’s now reached tattoo status.



That’s all of the guest posts, but thanks also to the blogs who posted tour posts!

October 1 @ Romance Across the Rainbow (Lou Sylvre)

October 1 @ Other Worlds Ink

October 7 @ Queer Sci Fi

October 10 @ Jessie G. Books

October 11 @ Bayou Book Junkie

October 12 @ dream, love, imagine (Amy Aislin)

October 14 @ Cate Ashwood

October 15 @ kittenwylde

October 18 @ Love That’s Out of This World

October 19 @ We Three Queens

October 20 @ J. Scott Coatsworth



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