Rule Breaker

wbdsmallGren has a very simple list of rules: no attachments, no loyalty, he’ll fight for anyone willing to pay. His only exception to the rule is Tracel, a healer who is also his casual lover. When she is taken hostage, however, Gren realizes he may have broken his rules, and he’ll have to break a few more to get her back.


Rule Breaker is #0.5 in The Republic series.

Note: Rule Breaker was first published as part of the anthology, Won’t Back Down, which is no longer available. However, an expanded second edition is in the works. More information to come!




 Praise for Rule Breaker

One of the gems of this collection, with very full and rounded characters, a plot worthy of the name, adventure, and excitement. Here’s the story that made me sad to end and want to reread. Tracel is *trans, in a world where lifestyle is possible but difficult, and physical modification too dangerous to contemplate. She’s a beautiful character and nuanced to the bone. Gren has two fights, one with himself over what’s truly important and one with the upstart Allon. There’s a lot of worldbuilding in a very small space. At about 18k words, it’s long enough to tell the story and short enough to leave me wanting more.— Cryselle’s Bookshelf

“I liked this one a lot. It was interesting and the characters were well‐rounded. It felt a touch familiar—the damsel in distress trope is a trope for a reason—but still fresh (especially since the damsel in question isn’t your average damsel, nor is she suitably distressed for the villain’s taste). The pacing moved you along through this story at a good clip and the plot unfolded naturally.” — Joyfully Jay


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