Rule Breaker

Sales, sales sales! {Won’t Back Down’s End of Life, Pride Month, and Pre-orders, OHHHH MY!}

Sales, sales sales! {Won’t Back Down’s End of Life, Pride Month, and Pre-orders, OHHHH MY!}

  Happy Pride Month, everyone! And happy June. Thankfully 2017 is almost half over. These last five months have felt like an entire year onto themselves. :S So here’s something happy… sale time. During June, readers can purchase eBooks from Less Than Three Press’s book market for 20% off or more! Books that are reaching […]

Celebrating Transgender Awareness Week & Trans Fiction Week #TransFictionWeek #TransAwarenessWeek

Celebrating Transgender Awareness Week & Trans Fiction Week #TransFictionWeek #TransAwarenessWeek

  Happy Transgender Awareness Week 2016!        This year, Trans Awareness Week has been on from this past Monday (November 14) and goes to Sunday, November 20. To celebrate and put trans and non-binary identities up front and centre, the Trans Fiction Week initiative has been sharing posts all week. Or, as TFW puts […]

Rocking 2016, Literary Style: Part 2 – Projects A-Frolicking & Blog Hop Hunt!

  A few weeks back, I posted about the publications I have coming up this year (For the Clan, Heart, Lace and Soul, and Four). For this second installment of what’s to come in 2016, I thought I’d delve into what I’m working on at the moment. (Read: Busting my ass to turn stuff over […]

Series Updates: What’s In the Works for The Republic

Right off the bat, the exciting news: the first draft of Four has been finished and is in super-fine-tuning edit mode (aka. “shoot me now or at least get a bucket of water because my eyes are burning, I want to stab my head because everything’s blurry and I can’t think anything but words, words, […]

Another Manuscript Hits the Desk: A Question of Counsel

“I’m not obsessed, I’m curious. There’s a difference,” Lira argued with a scowl. “You don’t want to talk about him. So, naturally, it’s exactly what I want to hear. You believe he’d be better off dead. It can’t be easy to keep all that anger locked up.” Lira leaned forward, her pinched expression relaxing when […]

Release Day! “Rule Breaker” in the “Won’t Back Down” anthology

Happy Release Day!!! Purchase Won’t Back Down from Less Than Three Press   I’m stoked to say that my novella (and debut), Rule Breaker, has been released today as part of the Won’t Back Down anthology!   About Rule Breaker Gren has a very simple list of rules: no attachments, no loyalty, he’ll fight for […]

A funny thing happened on the way the Grandmother’s house …

“No. Unless you’re going to tell me what this is, you don’t get to use my first name. It’s Head Guard if you’re going to just lie to me.” – Mayr from A Question of Counsel   It’s funny, best laid plans and all. Or in this case, outlines and plotting. I’ve recently started A […]