“Releasing Chaos” by Lexi Ander | Blog Tour, Giveaway & EXCLUSIVE Flash Fiction Story!

“Releasing Chaos” by Lexi Ander | Blog Tour, Giveaway & EXCLUSIVE Flash Fiction Story!

Happy Friday! I’m so happy to introduce today’s post, part of Lexi Ander’s blog tour for her exciting new book, Releasing Chaos, the final book in her Sumeria’s Sons series. I LOVE this series, and I’m shamelessly in love with Ushna and Corey. If you enjoy paranormal romances, shifters, lycans/werewolves, urban fantasy, mythology, and a […]

Rocking 2016, Literary Style: Part 2 – Projects A-Frolicking & Blog Hop Hunt!

  A few weeks back, I posted about the publications I have coming up this year (For the Clan, Heart, Lace and Soul, and Four). For this second installment of what’s to come in 2016, I thought I’d delve into what I’m working on at the moment. (Read: Busting my ass to turn stuff over […]

Sale & Raffle: LT3’s 2015 Holiday Celebration!

LT3’s 2015 Holiday Celebration! Source: Less Than Three Press   It’s that time of year again for gifts and sales and a pinch of guilty pleasure. And once more, my publisher, Less Than Three Press, is hosting a raffle and sale ALL MONTH. Save 15% off ebooks, an additional 15% off preorders, and 25% off […]

Series Updates: What’s In the Works for The Republic

Right off the bat, the exciting news: the first draft of Four has been finished and is in super-fine-tuning edit mode (aka. “shoot me now or at least get a bucket of water because my eyes are burning, I want to stab my head because everything’s blurry and I can’t think anything but words, words, […]