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Updates: New WIP, Old WIPs, & a Book That Doesn’t Want to be Edited

Lost: Days in July and August If you find them, please return to 2017 and turn back the time machine and/or pick me up in the TARDIS. Thanks. Okay, a bit silly, but these last couple months have been brutal in terms of achieving my To Do list. Basically nothing’s been going as hoped, mostly […]

2017: What I’m Up To & Where I’m Going… Maybe. Sort of. Kinda?

2017: What I’m Up To & Where I’m Going… Maybe. Sort of. Kinda?

  Last week I revisited 2016 and waved it bye-bye ’cause it’s sooooo last year. (Yeah, I went there. I’ve been binge-watching Project Runway. Bad puns can, and will, happen!) This week, I’m delving into what’s currently on my desk and what’s coming up in 2017!   Literature of the Writer’s Present At the moment, […]

Rocking 2016, Literary Style: Part 2 – Projects A-Frolicking & Blog Hop Hunt!

  A few weeks back, I posted about the publications I have coming up this year (For the Clan, Heart, Lace and Soul, and Four). For this second installment of what’s to come in 2016, I thought I’d delve into what I’m working on at the moment. (Read: Busting my ass to turn stuff over […]

Series Updates: What’s In the Works for The Republic

Right off the bat, the exciting news: the first draft of Four has been finished and is in super-fine-tuning edit mode (aka. “shoot me now or at least get a bucket of water because my eyes are burning, I want to stab my head because everything’s blurry and I can’t think anything but words, words, […]