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Virtual FantasyCon 2016 Blog Hop Hunt: Diane Riggins


Hello and welcome to the next stop in the Virtual FantasyCon 2016 Blog Hop Hunt! I’m Archer Kay Leah, author of fantasy romance, sci-fi romance, and LGBTQA fiction (including The Republic series, high fantasy romance featuring LGBTQA protagonists), and I’m your host for this stop in the Hunt.


To find out more about the Hunt, check out this website: http://vfcscavengerhunt.weebly.com/

Somewhere on this page is a hidden number. Collect all the numbers from all the authors’ posts, and then add them up. Once you’ve added all the numbers, and if I am your last author, please head to the official website and click on the ENTER HERE page to find the entry form. Only entries will the correct number will qualify to win.



The author I’m pleased to be hosting for Virtual FantasyCon’s Blog Hop Hunt today is Diane Riggins, author of epic and urban fantasy novels.


Diane Riggins

Hi everyone, I’m Diane Riggins and I write fantasy (epic and urban) and paranormal novels and screenplays. I have two short stories out right now. One is Town Curse. It is about a coven of witches who have controlled a town for hundreds of years and the people who live in the town today are ready to take back their town. There is some news with this one. It is being turned into a full-length novel and I’m almost finished with the first draft.



Thomas moved around the room, shining the flashlight. They stalked into the study to the left of the foyer. There was a bookshelf against the right wall, an old chair and desk in the middle of the room, and papers stacked up on another chair in front of the desk. Thomas searched the old desk while Nathan looked through the bookshelf.

“What’s so special about an old book?” Thomas asked.

“It has some information that might help us get rid of the curse.”

The hair on the back of Nathan’s neck stood up, and 6goosebumps popped up on his arms, like they were being watched. Nathan looked around, but didn’t see anyone. With a shudder, he strode out of the study. The lights came on as he stepped into the hallway.

Thomas ran into the room and stared at Nathan, then over his friend’s shoulder. There stood the one person they didn’t want to get caught by.

“What are you doing, boys?” Mrs. Harris lingered in the doorway with her arms crossed.

“We were dared,” Thomas stuttered.

“Sure, you were. Leave and I won’t call your parents.”

“No problem, Mrs. Harris. We’re leaving. Right, Thomas?” Nathan glanced everywhere but at her.

“Yeah, let’s go.” Thomas followed him out the door.





Purchase link for the anthology: https://www.amazon.com/Anything-Goes-Vol-Rae-Ryans-ebook/dp/B014Q7YISM



The other story is The Loss and it is written in narrative prose. Interesting story about how this came about. It was originally going to be part of a set of stories for a game that I was volunteering to write for and the main character of the story was to be one of the characters in the game. That was postponed and rights returned back to all of us who were participating and the owner of the game encouraged us to go ahead and publish our stories. I will be using the main character and the plot line in a full-length novel series that I’m currently working on. Tentative title of series is Forsaken Worlds. There is also a game in the planning stages that I’m working on based around the character and the plot of the series.



Scouts were dispatched; they waited tactically without fires so to never divulge their place.

Aleesia thought about her initiation:the first time she used her dagger to kill.

She recalled…

While traveling back to the Kingdom, she saw the Queen’s guard fighting off attackers leaving her open to deadly harm, so

Aleesia leapt into the fray to protect her.

Armed with her dagger she assessed the attackers as they moved toward the Queen.

She squinted at one on her left, then scorned one to the right.

“You think that two of you scare me? Think again!”

She lunged like a cat at the one on the right,used momentum to propel toward the one on the left.

Dagger on skin, claws to the bone, two deaths fell hard;the cat spun in place, her eyes seeing all.

Men moved, she swiped, she danced up,then under their thrusts hitting nothingbut darkness or windas the She-Elf dispatched them twice and then thrice; whence, five were dead at her deftly trained hand.

The Queen grabbed and hugged her unusual and loving for her to do to a She-Elf warrior.

Aleesia tensed at first, then returned the embrace.

It was over.


The Loss


Purchase link for The Loss: https://www.amazon.com/Loss-Diane-Riggins-ebook/dp/B01975ZW2O



I’m working on several other series right now as well. One is a vampire series set in New Orleans at the time of Hurricane Katrina. It involves a brother and sister who are vampires and an enemy from their past.

The other is a shape-shifter series about a family of wolves who live in the mountains of Montana. The local town people know what they are and protect them and their secret from the outside world until one day they can’t because something goes terribly wrong and they are revealed.



Author Bio


Diane writes fantasy (epic and urban), and paranormal novels and screenplays. She and her family live in the South with their dog and three cats. When she’s not writing she spends her time reading her favorite books which include The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings and The Dark Hunter series, playing her favorite online game Lord of the Rings Online, watching some of her favorite movies (Fast and Furious Franchise, Harry Potter Franchise, The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings) and tv shows (Supernatural, Grimm, The Originals, and Arrow).

You can read updates about her writing projects and other random topics at the following:

Blog: http://a-creative-mind.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/drigginsauthor

Twitter: http://twitter.com/dianeriggins



Did you find the number? If you did, then click Diane Riggin’s link – http://a-creative-mind.com – to continue Virtual FantasyCon’s Blog Hop Hunt.


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Virtual FantasyCon 2016 Starts Today! {Runs from Oct 9 – 16 on Facebook}



Starting today, the second annual Virtual FantasyCon will be taking place until October 16th, 2016 — and it’s all on Facebook!


This is an online convention — one you can attend for free. Come meet new authors, chat with participants, comment on the booths, take part in the games and prizes at those booths, and participate in the events, including:

► The Cosplay booth, with a daily prize bundle for a best Cosplay selfie and a Grand Prize at the end of the week!

► Panel Discussions on Youtube

► Blog Hop Hunt — participate, submit the right answer, and you could be eligible to win even more prizes. There are both daily prize bundles and a Grand Prize.


Each day will focus on a different genre/subgenre, including urban fantasy, sci fi, all version of types of Punk, paranormal, epic fantasy, fairytales, YA, and more. Authors, artists, and bloggers will have their own virtual booths for readers and fans to attend and see works, teasers, and more.




I’m thrilled to announce that I will be one of the authors at the event on Sunday, Monday, and Thursday, representing epic fantasy, sci-fantasy, and fantasy series. Come on by and say hello!



Interested? Here are ALL THE LINKS you need!


Epic/Sword & Sorcery Sunday

Sci-Fi/Sci-Fantasy/Time-Travel Monday

Fairytale/Punk Tuesday

Paranormal/Urban Wednesday

Series/Short Stories Thursday

Dystopian/Apocalyptic Friday

Dark/GrimDark/Horror Saturday

Children/YA Fantasy Sunday



Blog Hop Hunt

Blog Hop Hunt website

The quick link to the ENTRY PAGE!



And for a place to chill out with other attendees, the Reader’s Corner event page

Reader’s Corner


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Winners in the “Four” Release Day Giveaway!


For those who don’t already know, I was running a giveaway this past month to celebrate the release of my new book. I’m happy to say the giveaway is now over and I have the list of winners! Thank you to everyone who participated. This was the first Rafflecopter giveaway I’ve run — and it seems to have functioned, despite my fumbling in the back end.😉

Onto the winners (which hopefully will eventually show up in the Rafflecopter widget):


* Winner #1: Ami
$20 Amazon gift certificate


* Winner #2: Kara G.
An eBook set of the first two stories in The Republic series: Won’t Back Down (with the novella, Rule Breaker) + A Question of Counsel


* Winner #3: Holly J.
$5 Amazon gift card


* Winner #4: Didi
An eBook copy of For the Clan



Congrats to you all! I’ll be contacting you via email soon and getting the prizes to you.


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Excerpt from WIP, “Soulbound” (The Republic #4) – #BiWeek 2016 #BiVisibilityDay


Happy Bi Visibility Day!
(AKA Celebrate Bisexuality Day)



Earlier this week, I shared a personal post on being bisexual. But today is a different kind of sharing day. If we want to encourage the acknowledgement of bisexuals in society, we need to represent them in our literature. We need to tell their stories, whether they be fiction or non-fiction.

When I first started writing romances, I wanted to write LGBTQA characters in loving relationships. But as I’ve worked with different characters, I’ve realized my default seems to be bisexual characters, no matter my intention. To date, four of my published stories feature bisexual characters: Gren in Rule Breaker (actually pansexual), Mayr and Tash in Four, Elly in Heart, Lace, and Soul, and Jace and Roan in For the Clan. At the moment, I have at least ten other stories on the writing roster featuring bisexual or pansexual characters. Maybe it’s because it’s how I identify or maybe it’s because, like with most things, I love the middle ground. Either way, these characters are making their way into existence.

Today, I’m sharing a bit of my current WIP, Soulbound. Not only is it the fourth book in The Republic series, it features the main couple in Four. The journey with Mayr and Tash is not yet over — especially as the Shar-denn exacts revenge. Soulbound reveals the second phase of their relationship: the struggle to merge two lives, facing the consequences of Tash’s past, and working with their bisexuality to have the life they want. It also involves another bisexual character, Arieve, whose heart is torn between the life she wants and a girlfriend who keeps breaking things off. This is what happens when they realize they can help each other — and still be committed to the one they love.

{Note: This is raw material and subject to change. It’s also on the long side because I couldn’t decide between one excerpt and another, so I took the combined whole.}





In two words, Arieve slew his heart.

In an instant, she changed the world.

Tash gripped Mayr’s wrist hard. Out of shock, Mayr suspected, though perhaps it was to keep Mayr from running out the door and hollering for mercy.

He needed to flee. He needed to hide. He needed something safer than standing in the same room with his heart’s other half and the woman he had given up on.

This was not all right.

This made no sense.

And he was cold, so cold. Lost, spinning out of calm thought and drowning in the realization that her words had been spoken with sincerity. Her features were drawn and pinched as she looked away. This was not a joke at his expense. This was a truth she had thrown at them, simple and liable to tear into the friendship they had enjoyed for so long.

He snatched Tash’s hand in both of his faster than he could take a breath and held on.

“You’re not the only ones who want kids,” Arieve said gently, circling the toe of her boot over the floor. “I have for years now. But Coye doesn’t, so I’ve never gotten any further than wishing. And since I never wanted to give her up, it’s always been a choice. I’ve always chosen her. Now I’m starting to see it’s not enough. I’d rather choose me than a relationship that keeps failing. I want a future that’s more than me. I’d drop everything to have a child with you than have none at all.” Her next smile was lopsided. “And considering I’ve had a mad crush on you longer than I’ve known most people, it’s not a sacrifice in the least. I could finally work out all these feelings I have.” A frown killed her smile. “If you’d ever let me in that much.”

Mayr choked on the first breath he could manage. He sputtered and stumbled, fragments of words flying out of his mouth in a mess of noise. “Arieve,” was the only thing he said with certainty.

Arms wrapped around him, drawing him close to Tash before his knees could buckle.

“Breathe,” Tash whispered against his temple. “Hold onto me and breathe.”

Arieve pushed off the desk and rushed forward three steps, reaching out. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to startle you this bad.” Her arm lowered. “I don’t know how to say any of this. I never have.”

Clamping both hands around Tash’s arm, Mayr was at war with himself, his emotions and rational thought clashing in a painful raid. “You’re going to have to spell this out, Arieve, because everything you’re saying… I have to be hearing it wrong. You and me, we’ve only ever been—and you said—you called me family—and we’ve always been separate, always at the wrong time—”

“I know.” Arieve chewed on her bottom lip. “There’s been a lot of dancing around the truth. We’re never quite right at the best times, but so perfect at the worst. You’ve always been my look-but-don’t-touch. Mine to fix when you were hurt and mine to lose when the world offered you better. Now I feel bad for even looking.” She motioned to Tash with one hand. “Though I can’t lie and say it hurts seeing you two together. Out of all the men you could’ve had, the one you chose does all the right things…” Clearing her throat, she backed towards the desk. “Let’s just say I’d be happy to help.”

“And while that’s flattering,” Tash started softly, “I’m trying to understand what you understand and what I’m missing.” He pressed his forehead to Mayr’s temple. “Because I feel like I’m standing in something that should be private—a moment that’s not mine to have.”

Mayr stilled. Alternating between focused and unfocused, his gaze clung to the paintings on the wall behind the desk: portraits of Orae’s first husband and their children next to the portrait of her second husband and the rest of her children. Smiling families, happy to be together in the time life afforded them.

And in the top corner, the portrait of a young Arieve, no older than sixteen, with a smile that could light someone’s entire world for the whole of their life.

A life he had been certain they would never share. A life he had committed to the man at his side.

A life that could spiral into misery quicker than he could collapse to his knees in apology.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered, holding Tash tighter. “So sorry.”

Tash’s breath skipped across Mayr’s cheek. “For what?”

“For not being honest when I should have told you everything,” Mayr mumbled. “For never owning up to what I really think. For never being able to lose these stupid feelings. I owe you better, and I’ve been a complete ass.” He flushed beneath the scrutiny of Tash’s gaze. “I can’t even say it now, even though you’re here and she’s here and this would be a really good time to stop being an idiot.”

Silent moments past, weighted with his struggle to string words together. He felt the fluttering caress of Tash’s eyelashes against his skin.

“Mayr,” Tash murmured into his ear, “say it.”

“I don’t—”

“Let it go. Release the truth from wherever you’ve stashed it and let it breathe. If you can tell yourself what this really is, you can tell me.” Gentle fingertips glided over his jaw and down the back of his neck. “Say you have feelings for her and set yourself free.”

A chill raced down Mayr’s spine, small bumps rising across the skin where Tash’s fingers rested. Loosened by a touch that always made him want more, words tumbled from his lips, slow and stiff. “I’ve had a… thing… for her. Since we were kids. But we’ve never—” He turned his head, catching Tash’s lips on his. “We’ve never done anything. I’ve never done anything. I never could. There was a line—a really good line—and—”

A kiss silenced him, soft and smooth, without tongue, without command, without heat. A gentle kiss he never tired of receiving. Compassion and hope in the embrace of restrained passion.

“Thank you,” Tash whispered, pulling back. “You can stop fretting now. You don’t need to apologize.” He cupped Mayr’s cheek. “And you needn’t hide. I’ve got you.”


“You’d challenge a servant of Emeraliss?” One of Tash’s brows arched. “I’m the last one to scold the inconvenience of love. Or strong like, whatever this is.” He glanced at Arieve.

Arieve hunched her shoulders. “I don’t know. It might be. Since I was sixteen, I figured if I ended up committing my life to a man, they’d have to be like him,” she admitted, pointing at Mayr. “But I never said anything. And with my grandmother’s connection to his family—us growing up with them, in a way—it seemed like something we shouldn’t overstep. But when he married Betta…” She let out a long sigh. “I was so disappointed. And when she left him, I was pleased. Pleased, like I was full of myself and happy to be cruel. Then I found out why she’d left and I wanted to find the bitch so I could rip her apart. I wanted to tell him then what I felt, but I never had the courage to flirt with him enough to make it obvious. Never had the words.”

“And I put it out of my thoughts.” Mayr leaned into Tash. “After Betta, I hurt too much to do anything. It wasn’t worth ruining our friendship.”

“Yet it’s come back around,” Tash said, his lips hinting at a small smile. “And maybe that’s the whole point.”

More silence, almost deafening in what it did not say.

Arieve approached, stopping two paces away. “As much as I’d like to continue this—as long as I’ve waited to hear it—I have to get back to work. But here’s the proposition: what you want and what I want are the same thing, so instead of waiting for someone else to fill the gap—someone who might never come or want what we want—we could try having it together.” Hesitant, she reached for Mayr and Tash, one hand finally settling on each of them. “I’m not involved with anyone. I want to get pregnant. And I really wouldn’t mind the fooling around it takes to get there. It wouldn’t have to be permanent. I’m not looking to destroy your marriage and take anyone’s place. You could consider it a favour if you want. Consider it one friend helping another, and we’ll leave your marriage intact. We’ll protect it.”

Before Mayr could answer, she withdrew her touch. “It’s ideal, too. I’ll still work at the estate, so I’ll be there. You’ll be around for the pregnancy, and after, I’ll be around to parent. It’s better than consigning ourselves to what we don’t want.”

“Why us?” Mayr swallowed hard, his mouth dry. “Why not someone else?”

“Other than the fact I’ve always wondered what it’d be like to kiss you?” Arieve drew her fingertips across her lips. “I trust you. I don’t sleep around; I choose my partners carefully. I don’t want to be with someone who’ll resent having a family or use a child against me or fight me for custody. I don’t mind being a single mother, but I also don’t want to use a guy to have a baby without their permission or without them understanding why.” She tapped the back of Mayr’s hand. “But from what you said to Aeley, it sounds like you want the same thing as me, and for the same reasons. You want a child of your own blood. Seeing as I’ve known you for most of my life and I know you’re a good man, I’m willing to try with you, if you’ll have me. I’m not asking to be married to you. I’m not expecting us to live in the same house. I’m not demanding anything. But I can’t ignore this. It’s like fate’s stepped right on in and hijacked opportunity.”

With a gentle smile, she moved to the door and opened it. “It’s just an offer. The two of you can think about it. I’ll keep thinking, too. And whenever you have your answer, whatever the answer is, you know where to find me.”

In Mayr’s mind, the quiet sound of the door closing behind her was more like a hammer striking down the wall. He blinked, unable to focus on anything but the floor.

All he had wanted was to take Tash to dinner and spend a quiet night worshipping Tash’s naked body.

This was more than he could take.

“We should go,” Tash suggested, tugging Mayr’s hand. He had his short coat on before Mayr moved from his spot.

Without words, they dressed in their winter long coats and cloaks, the brown-black fur capelet of Mayr’s cloak still damp. After wrapping their scarves around their necks and pulling on their gloves, they left the office together and wove their way around the tavern patrons to the front door.

Cold, dry gusts greeted them the moment they stepped outside. The snowfall had not let up since their arrival, descending upon the darkened village in large flakes. The dark figures of villagers shuffled down the road in a group, their voices carrying over the quiet as they sang wintertide carols off-tune and made their way through the foot of snow. The occasional ball of snow sailed through the air, resulting in pelted victims and peals of laughter.

Meanwhile, Mayr felt as though his world had turbulently flung itself into a stop and could not get started again.

In step with Tash as they trod up the flattened path left by the wheels of a wagon, Mayr dug his hands deep into his pockets. Snow crunched beneath their boots, echoing the grinding noise in his mind.

After all the years, after all the heartbreak, he could have told Arieve he loved her and that would have been enough.

I really know how to ruin things before they start. Mayr gaze at Tash from the corner of his eye, barely seeing Tash’s face around the thick, red hood of Tash’s cloak. And sabotage the things I have.

“I can read your worries from here,” Tash said, walking closer to grasp Mayr’s hand. “Talk to me.”

“This is where you’re supposed to be angry,” Mayr answered, barely louder than a mumble. “You should be disgusted, unsettled, lecturing me on disrespect.” He glanced down at their clasped hands. “Not treating me like you did before. Not being so perfect and loving and nice.”

“Hey.” Tash pulled Mayr to a stop, turning to face him, his brow furrowed. “What have I ever done to make you think I would react otherwise?”

Mayr shrunk back, huddling into the warmth of his coat. “I wasn’t honest with you. Of all things, you prefer honesty. I let you down. I wanted to tell you how I feel about her—how I’ve always felt—but something always stopped me. Then you found out like that. Considering…” His gaze dropped to the hand with his marriage ring. “The timing couldn’t be worse.”

With strong hands, Tash gripped Mayr’s arms. “Mayr, I encourage your honesty in all things, but I don’t demand it. Everyone has secrets—from themselves, from their loves, from the world. It’s in our nature to keep things to ourselves. Sometimes we don’t think about it or the truth is so far from our conscious, we can’t think of it. It’s how we were put together. And love is sneaky, you know this as well as I do,” he said softly. “It seeps into our hearts without invitation and sets things into motion without our command. When we deny it, when we try to lock it away, it yells and fights and bangs on the walls, devising plans and doing everything to have what it wants. When time and chance and circumstance get in the way, love might wait for a while, but it eventually comes to light.”


Tash’s cold hands cupped Mayr’s cheeks. “You did nothing wrong. I have not been slighted. I don’t feel any less loved than before Arieve’s proposition.” A gentle smile softened his features, blue eyes gleaming in the faint moonlight. “Truth be told, I feel more loved.” He held Mayr’s hand in both of his and kissed the back of Mayr’s fingers. “You could have sought her. You could have waited. You could have turned me away. Instead, you allowed me into your heart, and for that I am yours, come all complicated matters and embarrassing moments that make you stammer and struggle.”

Heat swept across Mayr’s cheeks. “Now you’re just making fun of me.”

The grin in reply twisted knots in Mayr’s gut. “It does make me laugh a little, I’ll admit.” Tash brushed snow from the tip of Mayr’s nose. “You’re unspeakably ravishing when you’re flustered over love. When your emotions get too far ahead of your words and you can’t catch up,” he murmured, his fingers settling on Mayr’s lips. “It’s like falling in love with you again and again.”

Mayr swallowed hard, painfully aware of the effect Tash’s touch had on the rest of his body. Perhaps he could salvage the night after all. “Yeah?”

“Yes. Besides, she’s cute. I’m certainly getting to know your taste in women. Not entirely different from my own.”

“And that sounds like you’re trying to say something.”

“That I understand, for one. How you could feel something but not speak of it. How you can care for someone else and be too afraid to admit it. I can’t fault you for that, especially since what we have fell prey to the same choices,” Tash said quietly. “But even more than that, I don’t have a need to be angry, or the right. You’ve been so patient with my love for Inesta and the things that eat at my conscience with Naliss and Erithe. You don’t hold them against me. And I dare not complain about whatever you still feel for Betta because I understand it. Our hearts are as they are. Love lingers, even when the body is gone. You’re allowed to feel something. I never demanded you give any of that up.”

“I still feel like I should.”

“And miss the opportunity that’s thrown itself at us?” Tash clasped Mayr’s hands and swung them gently. “I can’t tell you how blessed I feel right now. It’s an unexpected gift. However it’s come to us, whatever the path, it’s a chance to have everything we want. And no one has to get hurt along the way. No one needs to be embarrassed or uncomfortable.”

Mayr held his breath, waiting for Tash to add a caveat. When none came, he breathed out long and slow. This was beyond him. Tash’s optimism and reason forged ahead faster than Mayr’s thoughts could make sense of why he was not standing alone at the side of the road, watching Tash walking away in disappointment. His heart had been sold on a hard fight, armed to his frozen back teeth with apologies and gifts to prove his love.

Instead, Tash bounced on his toes with a boyish smile, blowing away any hint of jealousy or disapproval Mayr had anticipated.

He was reading everyone wrong lately.




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Bisexual and Baffled: A Very Personal, Very Geeky #BiWeek Post {Let’s Slay the Bierasure Beast}


Happy Bisexual Awareness Week! If you have no idea what it is, visit the GLAAD site to learn about what this week’s all about. And check out #BiWeek on Twitter to see what others are saying. The week runs from September 19th to 26th this year, with Celebrate Bisexuality Day on September 23rd.

I missed writing something last year, but I’m on it this year. There are two posts this week. This is post #1, which is personal and touches on my issues with bisexual erasure (a.k.a. bierasure). Post #2 will be the fun one with an excerpt from my current WIP, because the 23rd is all about celebrating and I WILL CELEBRATE! *ROAR*

So without any further ado…




Hello, It’s Me, and I’m Bisexual


And that’s as simple as it gets. But since there’s always that little bit extra, let’s get this on the table right now:

No, I’m not confused

Yes, I really am bisexual.

Yes, I’m in a long-term, common-law marriage with a female who identifies more as bigender.

And yes, I find other women attractive.

But I’m attracted to men, too.

And no, I’m never going to apologize.

Or hide.

Because this is part of who I am.


Here’s the low-down: I grew up with the occasional crush on the occasional guy. There weren’t many that I was attracted to, and no girls I liked “that” way, and they certainly never returned the interest. (I also had zero clue that bisexuality was a thing — until high school, I didn’t even know being gay was a thing. There was no talk in our schools, nothing in the TV shows I watched or books I read, and none of the adults around me talked about it.) So public school and high school were a little… lacklustre in the romance department. I didn’t date. I didn’t have sex. I never got to explore exactly who I was in terms of those things. I knew I liked guys and they didn’t like me — that was it. Then again, I was a complete misfit that only other misfits seemed to understand. And those misfits became my chosen siblings. I was weird, odd; I was a thinker and a writer and studious, and if people other than my friends or teachers liked me, they certainly had a screwed up way of showing it.

But in university, things changed. In my first year, at twenty years old, I came around to bisexuality. And I discovered what it’s like to elevate the status of one of your best friends to girlfriend after thinking about her in ALL the sexual ways… and how to be okay with that.

It was alarming at first. I suppose I could blame the video for t.A.T.u.’s “All the Things She Said” for making me see the possibility. At that point, I’d had thoughts but had done nothing with them. After that video, though, things moved along emotionally. To put it not-so-delicately: I woke the fuck up. I let the emotional barriers fall. I let assumptions about myself go.

And it scared the shit out of me when the feelings I had were returned in kind.

It was a very complicated year. My psychology class was way easier to get through than the emotional whirlwind. My science courses were more manageable than thoughts. At least they made perfect sense.

Fast forward to now, 13 years later: That girlfriend and I live together, hardcore common-law. We wear wedding bands — hers is gold, mine is silver, catering to what we like best. We’ve lived in the same apartment for 12 years. We’ve laughed, cried, fought, and struggled together. We’ve become full-fledged adults together, weathering the ridiculousness of life. And that’s a good thing. A bit of security to fall on. She puts up with my wacky humour, my writing, and the irritability I inherited. I deal with her video game obsession, her social butterfly personality, and the vicious, damaging truths haunting her from a childhood marred by abuse and rape. Between us is a wonderful give-and-take, and I really wouldn’t trade it, even on the days when I’m 100% anti-social hermit.

But that doesn’t change certain things about us, like the fact that while we’re committed to each other, we’re still attracted to others. I still dig men. So does she.

And we drool over them together.

Because wouldn’t you know:  it’s damn liberating being able to crush on the same people with your spouse. We can watch movies and TV shows and find the same guys hot. We can compare notes. Then we can turn around and watch the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and drool over sexy abs on gorgeous female models. Because we can. Because when we hooked up, we didn’t stop being who we are. We didn’t stop finding certain people of different genders attractive. I’m bisexual, she’s pansexual, and it’s SO. MUCH. FUN.

Even better: no one is apologizing.



Being Bisexual Was My Destiny.


If the subject of sexuality comes up or someone asks about mine, I’m open about it. I’ve got no shame. But to be honest, my in-the-middle / blended romantic and sexual interests are exactly like who I am in so much of my life and decisions: neither one extreme nor the other, dancing around the middle line and enjoying every bit of it.

I’m both “left-” and “right-brained”; both an artist and a scientist, adoring language and fictional worlds as much as I love logic and scientific thinking (even though my mathematical skills are suspect). I need diversity in my thinking and the way I see the world. I need diversity in the way I explore the universe and understand it.

My music collection is all over the place because I can’t choose genre over genre. I like having a little of everything. I need diversity in my tunes.

I don’t believe in all-peace or all-war because both can be a disaster; coexistence is the real trick. Moderation is key. Balance is everything.  I need the middle ground.

I’m a realist, with equal helpings of optimism and pessimism. And when it comes to politics, I don’t identify with any one party because while none of them will ever truly, or properly, represent me, I think they all have their merits. I need the world to be represented among the multiple options.

My simplest truth is this: I see greys everywhere, in everything. I don’t see the world in black-and-white but rather a range of colour and shade.

So why would my sexuality to be any different?

The only thing that doesn’t seem to “abide” by this in-the-middle thing is my cisgender identity. Other than that, I’m all over the map. It makes perfect sense to me. I feel pretty damn balanced.

Which is why I really don’t get why bisexual erasure is a thing.





Straight-up, the fact that bisexual erasure and anti-bisexual crap exists pisses. me. off. And baffles me. It breaks my brain as much as it breaks my heart.

I don’t get it.

Okay, that’s not completely true. I kind of get it, in some moments more than others, though it still baffles me on the most basic level of behaviour and logic. Why the hate against bisexuals? Why the myths that it isn’t legit, or true, or that we don’t exist? Why are some people so quick to shove bisexuals and pansexuals and others in a similar circumstance into the Mythical Unicorn category and deny us the chance to be exactly who we are?

Although it’s difficult to explain how it comes up rational in my head, sometimes I get it, though I usually don’t have the words to explain it. Ego is involved, especially when it comes to the really human thought of “we know EVERYTHING”… when we totally don’t, but our species likes to think so. Fear is another thing, though I’m not sure what those exact fears are. Is it the fear that in recognizing bisexuality as real somehow invalidates homosexuality and/or heterosexuality? Or is it the fear that in validating bisexuality, it brings it too close to home in terms of the truth? Or is it the fear that our strange, clingy relationship to binary concepts is under attack?

Because, oh god, do humans LOVE the freaking binary concept.


[Insert the ultimate face palm]


So maybe it’s the scientist in me, but what the fuck, fellow homo sapiens sapiens? This obsession with binary — it’s harmful. Really, truly harmful. The world does not evolve around binary concepts. SURPRISE! Spectrums have everything to do with everything. So do things that exist of more than one thing.

Light exists across an entire spectrum. So do colour, sound, temperature, and a host of other variables. Without those spectrums, the world would be a very different place. They have extremes, but so much more of the universe is found between those opposite ends. They can overlap and they can stand alone.

Gender exists as a mix and a spectrum. Our biological make-up is all over the place on spectrums: from skin tone, eye colour, and hair colour to behaviours, personalities, and disorders. And don’t forget hormones, chemical balances, and pH levels! There are spectrums everywhere, inside every one of us.

Why can’t sexuality be like that? Why can’t we have asexuals, homosexuals, heterosexuals, bisexuals, and all-manner of other-sexuals? Who has the right to say those don’t exist?

But guess what: there’s MORE.

Light can exist as both wave and particle.

Matter can exist in multiple states. Water can be a liquid, solid, or a gas, dependent on the situation. While it might exist for awhile in one form, it can still exist in the others.

Bonobo apes are known to be sexual with females and males, engaging in both hetero- and homosexual activities. They’re more interested in social interactions and keeping peaceful groups. And they share about 99% of the same DNA as we do. They’re our closest relatives.

So why can’t we be attracted to two or more genders? Why can’t we be in-between or outside homosexual and heterosexual? And why can’t we be with someone of one gender and still be attracted to another?

Enter the Big Question: Just what is it about bisexuals that is so terrifying? What is so offensive that some people feel the need to say it’s a lie? Because the last I heard, the universe operated on spectrums and diversity and mixes of all sorts of things. The galaxies laugh at our obsession with binary.

We need to learn to let that shit go.

We need to learn to accept there’s more to the world — more to us.

And we need learn to accept that more is beautiful.



In Closing…


So go forth, my bisexual, pansexual, and whatever-sexual friends. I see you. You’re here. You’re a person. And I see you. Because we aren’t invisible — we’re right here, right now, and we’re beautiful together. Just like our homosexual, heterosexual, and asexual friends, we’re real, we’re valid, and we’re here to stay.

We will not be erased.


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Release Party for FOUR = Tonight On Facebook! + Giveaway Reminder #MM #romance #fantasy♥

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To celebrate the release of my newest book, Four, there’s a party on Facebook tonight, thanks to Vicki Rose at Platinum Promotions. Come join us!


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When his last girlfriend takes him back and suggests an intimate night with Tash, one of her lovers, Mayr reluctantly agrees. The last thing he expects is to fall hard for Tash, who is nothing like Mayr’s previous lovers—and about to undertake the Uldana Trials. If Tash fails, he’ll likely die. If he succeeds, he must give up Mayr, and become the latest to leave Mayr standing alone with a broken heart.

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FOUR = out TODAY! Giveaway, Party Info, & Excerpt! #MM #romance #fantasy♥


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Purchase Four directly from the publisher Less Than Three Press or from any major online retailer, including: AmazonBarnes & NobleSmashwordsAll Romance eBooksKoboiTunes


It’s out! It’s out! *waves arms erratically*

I’m thrilled to finally share the book with everyone. I’ve written about my thing with Mayr before, but seriously, he’s the type of character that’s gotten under my skin and made a home so deep in my heart I can’t shake him. And he comes with friends, so it’s a real party. He started with a teensy part in A Question of Counsel that grew and grew and has now staked a major claim in the series as a whole. Now he’s got Tash, and that guy… I’m hopelessly sold on them both.

Readers, beware: This is the first book of Mayr and Tash’s romantic journey. There’s so much more. They’re complicated. Their combined fate is a big thing and by the end of the series, this cryptic message will all make sense. I love them, and I’m hoping you fall in love with them, too!

(If you do, watch out for them in the next book, Blood Borne, and their second book, Soulbound. Blood Borne is coming out in 2017 and I’m hoping to get Soulbound done ASAP so it can also come out next year.)




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A party on Facebook next week, thanks to Vicki Rose at Platinum Promotions.

The Official Four Release Party
September 14 @ 6:30 PM – 8 PM CST
(that’s 7:30 – 9pm EST!)

On Facebook, so feel free to come in PJs!
Games, prizes, hanging out, stress-free time, and the occasional silliness.




FOUR Teaser 2


Blurb: Four

Genres: Fantasy, romance
Series: The Republic

On the outside, Mayr seems to have it all: a successful career as Head of the Guard for a prominent politician, family and friends who adore him, and the attention of beautiful women. But appearances are a good way to bury secrets, including the fact that while Mayr is a romantic at heart, searching for the one person to share his life with, his lovers keep leaving him.

When his last girlfriend takes him back and suggests an intimate night with Tash, one of her lovers, Mayr reluctantly agrees. The last thing he expects is to fall hard for Tash, who is nothing like Mayr’s previous lovers—and about to undertake the Uldana Trials. If Tash fails, he’ll likely die. If he succeeds, he must give up Mayr, and become the latest to leave Mayr standing alone with a broken heart.


*Add to Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/30619748-four

Also check out the other stories in the series, Rule Breaker and A Question of Counsel.




He waited, not sure what to expect as an answer.

Tash played with the chain of his talon ring. “I really did have your interests at heart,” he said quietly. “And since we’re being honest: I didn’t come tonight just to be a priest. I was hoping to see you. I’d thought of visiting again, but worried it was too soon—that you wouldn’t want to see my face again. I was afraid you wouldn’t trust me or listen to anything I had to say.”

Don’t we make the pair? Mayr studied Tash’s face, tempted to brush Tash’s hair over his shoulder to see him better. Maybe there was a chance for them yet.

“One thing you said still confuses me,” Mayr admitted. “What did you mean when you said this wasn’t part of your plan?”

“It’s a priesthood thing. I’m going through for the next level soon, though it’s not yet set. I have to do some things before then and complete certain tasks. Prove my worth and how serious I am about committing to it.” Tash smiled sadly at Mayr. “That’s why I was with Sarene. I was having fun before I have to go through all of that. She offered something that wasn’t attachment, just pleasure. Since being an Uldana restricts me from intimacy, I thought it wouldn’t hurt.”

Tash shook his head. “But I hurt you, and that’s not right.” He laid one hesitant hand on Mayr’s. “I truly am sorry for everything. Sarene made it sound like you were fully into it. Meanwhile, I had the distinct impression you were serious about her even though she was playing you. She’s inept and too blind to fully comprehend what she had.”

Mayr threw blades of grass toward the hill. “You don’t need to apologize. You told me I could get out and I didn’t. I’m glad I stayed.”

And now for the moment of debilitating truth.

“You asked how I was taking it, what we did, and I didn’t answer. Because I couldn’t.” Mayr sucked in a deep breath. “I didn’t know how to answer you, but I’ve been working it out. I’ve had a lot of time to figure out my exact reply.”

Rising to his knees, Mayr ignored his doubts. Before he lost his courage, he pressed his lips to Tash’s, tugging gently on Tash’s bottom lip before offering his mouth fully. It felt right. Good. He should have done it before.

Tonight, he would not shy away. His fear of rejection would have to wait.

As Tash gripped his arm and pulled him closer, Mayr’s fears dissipated. When Tash’s tongue entered Mayr’s mouth, tasting and teasing, it sparked deep emotions Mayr had missed. Sincere desire, transcending the relationships he had accepted as all he could have.

Slowly, Mayr broke the kiss, satisfied with Tash’s ardent gaze. “Did I tell you that I’m really, really happy you’re here?”

Without waiting for Tash’s answer, Mayr kissed him hard, wishing Tash could feel what he did. He felt lit up, more than he had in a long time. The relationship with Sarene had become a chore. And before her, it wasn’t any different. I felt the same for the other women as I did her. Just going through the motions, telling myself they could be someone I could stay with for the rest of my life so I wouldn’t be alone. Convinced they would stay and he would be happy, he had given them everything.

All of it had been foolish desperation.

But Tash offered the things missing from most of Mayr’s relationships. Joyful intoxication derived from emotion alone. Breathtaking inspiration that made everything else in his life seem lacklustre. The restored hope that someone could consider him enough. Whenever Tash asked about him, his concern sounded genuine. In the smallest action, there was more care and respect than any of Mayr’s girlfriends had shown him. The idea of being with Tash was both thrilling and terrifying, but deep down in his tainted core, he needed it.

“I’m hoping that answers your question,” Mayr murmured. “Otherwise, it’s going to take me a while to convince you, and I still have things to do tonight.”

Tash leaned his forehead against Mayr’s. “No, you’ve made it clear. I won’t ask again.”

“Then I’ve got a question for you.”


“If I said I wanted to see where this could go, what would you say?”

Lips traveled up Mayr’s jaw and kissed a path to his brow. Arms encircled his waist, holding him upright against Tash’s side. “Yes,” Tash whispered against his temple.

The breathy reply wreaked havoc on Mayr’s body. A shiver shot through him from the back of his neck to his feet. To feel Tash’s interest was one thing; hearing it was another. They were worth every night he had agonized over an apology.

“I have to get back to the feast.” Mayr tilted his head. “Do you have a curfew? Do the other priests lock you up if you come home late?”

Tash chuckled. “No. That’s only for the Metahs. I’m free to do as I please. Why?”

“If you stay, we could spend time together after the feast is over. Maybe finally get around to knowing each other better?”

“Considering I came here mostly for you… there’s no place I’d rather be.”

“Also known as yes.”


And with one word, hope trounced Mayr’s fear into submission.



FOUR Teaser 1


And then there was a G I V E A W A Y!

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Prizes to be won:

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