Cover for Soulbound by Archer Kay LeahIn a relationship that violates rules and expectations, Mayr and Tash have found their perfect match in each other. Despite their fears and difficult pasts, they hope for a shared future with security and a family. When Mayr’s secret first love, Arieve, proposes they create that family with her, it seems dreams could become reality.

But life is complicated, and so is the delicate balance between duty and love. While Mayr protects the Dahe family at all costs, Tash is determined to succeed as a priest. Both positions require sacrifice, forcing their relationship into painful choices. To make matters worse, criminals lurk in the shadows, seeking revenge on them and those they guard.

The life they want risks losing everything—including Arieve and each other. Even if they can have it all, keeping it may take more than they can give.


Soulbound is Book #4 in The Republic series.

Content note, trigger warnings, and disclaimers: Soulbound contains some explicit content, all of which is meant for adult readers. While the main relationship is MM, there is an MMF relationship that overlaps with it.

This story touches on several matters related to mental health and depictions of emotional and physical situations that could bother some readers. This includes references to and depictions of self-harm, suicide, and mentions of suicide-related behavior and intent. There are also depictions of depression, PTSS/PTSD and complex PTSS/PTSD (post-traumatic stress syndrome/disorder), survivor’s guilt, and complications with pregnancy.

The story also contains instances of graphic violence, references to rape and domestic abuse, mentions of human trafficking, references to torture in a character’s past, and an attack using explosive devices, as well as descriptions of the aftermath.

Finally, this story includes brief references to transphobia in a character’s past.

Please note the story uses the gender-neutral pronouns ce and cir for one of the characters. These are not mistakes: they are the chosen pronouns of that character.


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